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Thursday, September 30, 2004


We came across a fantastic clinic providing FDA sanctioned experimental therapy that treats many conditions very effectively including arthritis without using surgery and drugs!

"MME Treatment results may be achieved within only a few hours of MME treatment for accute arthritis patients. Treatment can greatly improve stiffness and range of motion. This is a viable alternative to joint replacement surgery at significantly less cost."

News Flash: Merck recalls blockbuster arthristis drug....

Some Background on how MME works:

"Advanced Magnetic Research Institute utilizes a technology called Magnetic Molecular Energizing (MME) as the basis for accelerating the natural healing processes of the body. Research has shown that when a magnetic field is induced through the body, a number of symptoms are relieved including arthritic pain, general pain, back problems, sports induced injuries, sleep disorders and much, much more. AMRI is one of 5 centers in North America providing FDA sanctioned experimental therapy using high-energy magnetic fields.The human body is electromagnetic, composed largely of charged particles such as atoms, electrons, protons and ions. Each performs vital life functions. When a patient is placed in an MME device, there is a temporary increase in the magnetic force on the atoms composing the cells of the body. Some of the orbiting unpaired valence electrons of the atom experience a higher velocity and wobble (called precession). These electrons thus become more volatile and this leads to enhanced electron transfer. Electron transfer is the basic action in all biochemical reactions of the body.

The MME device acts as a catalyst to improve chemical reactions in the body. Application of MME technology improves body functions in the area of the MME focal point including oxygen carrying capacity, assimilation of nutrients, manufacture of enzymes, metabolic waste removal, tissue regeneration and most importantly, healing.
The rate of healing can be greatly accelerated. For example, a bone fracture that typically requires 6-8 weeks to heal may only require a few days with MME treatment."

There are many testimonials at this site and scientific evidence that it works as an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs and invasive surgery. Check it out. (Advanced Magnetic Research Institute)

Tuesday, September 28, 2004


This is a major health problem that threatens to become catastrophic. Medical and health authorities keep warning us but we seem rather complacent. I will deal with this apparent indifference in another article on “paralysis by analysis" later. For now, let us just look at the mounting evidence. And why, pray tell you say, should I give a rat’s hind end about this? Because, it will affect you and your family as much as a nuclear war. There is no escaping it. You must prepare and there are ways. We will enumerate some very positive solutions. But first, let us look at the evidence.

"How big a problem?

What happened to antibiotics? Once considered the universal answer to infectious disease, we now know the effective life span of these once-miraculous drugs is limited. The problem, simply, is that we "got complacent," says Barry Kreiswirth of the Public Health Research Institute, who makes a living analyzing strains of tuberculosis that resist as many as nine antibiotics."


"Cases Of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Worry Experts

One bacteria of concern, Staphylococcus aureus, is a common cause of infection in hospitalized patients. In recent years, experts have become very concerned about the increased incidence of strains of the bacteria that fail to succumb to all but a few antibiotics. This is known as antibiotic resistance, and most experts think that it is due to worldwide overuse of antibiotics. As the theory goes, if all the bacteria causing an infection are not eradicated with an antibiotic, then the remaining bacteria become stronger and more resistant to future use of the same antibiotic.
Eventually, this can lead to strains of bacteria that show resistance to antibiotics held in reserve for such cases, such as vancomycin. This raises the specter of infections for which no antibiotic treatment may be available, putting patients' lives at great risk. The CDC reports a case in April 1999, of a 63-year-old woman in an Illinois hospital with a Staph infection. The woman had kidney failure and had already received the antibiotic vancomycin, which should kill most strains of Staphylococcus aureus."


"Losing War On Bacteria

These "superbugs" won't be fooled by the same old antibiotics, in part because for years doctors overprescribed existing antibiotics and, in turn, patients clamored for the drugs even when they weren't needed. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration reports that diseases such as gonorrhea, malaria, tuberculosis and childhood ear infections all are becoming harder to treat because of increasing levels of antibiotic resistance. Doctors often are required to use a potent antibiotic to treat sick patients, when in the past, a mild medication would do. That threatens to make the stronger medication more open to resistance in the future, which one day could rob physicians of a vital weapon against disease."


"Drug-Resistant Bacteria in US Meat

Three new studies suggest the interaction among animals, people and microbes may not be as simple and predictable as previously believed.
Two of the studies uncovered significant amounts of drug-resistant bacteria in chicken and meat taken from US supermarket shelves. The third demonstrated that such bacteria can persist in the intestinal tract days after a person ingests them.
Researchers say the findings bolster the arguments of public health experts who want to limit the use of antibiotics in livestock. The drugs are used to treat sick animals, but in the US they are also routinely given to boost the nutritional benefits of animal feed and promote growth in food animals.
The concern with this practice is that the needless use of antibiotics gives a survival advantage to drug-resistant strains of the bacteria behind foodborne illnesses and other infections."


"Super-Resistant Superbugs

Infections we thought we had conquered once and for all are coming back because of a new breed of germs that doctors call "superbugs" -- bacteria that are resistant to almost all antibiotics. The latest culprit is called MRSA, a staph bacteria that triggers infections so virulent they can - and have - turned deadly within days."


"How do bacteria become resistant to antibiotics?

How do bacteria pick up these drug-fighting habits? In some cases, they don't. Some bacteria are simply making use of their own inherent capabilities. However, there are many bacteria that didn't start out resistant to a particular antibiotic. Bacteria can acquire resistance by getting a copy of a gene encoding an altered protein or an enzyme like beta lactamase from other bacteria, even from those of a different species. There are a number of ways to get a resistance gene:"



Saturday, September 25, 2004

Death By Medicine Followup

"Poor Medical Treatment Kills Thousands" ABC News

Well, that is an understatement. But, at least it is a start for big media to get its head out of the sand. See story at:

And, for the original story see: Death By Medicine ( Absolutely Eye-opening)

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Drug-resistant Tuberculosis TB Superbugs

More good news for the drug companies; or is it? How long before these "superbugs" outrun even this eleventh hour solution?

TB Set to Be Global Scourge Again, Models Predict
Sun 19 September, 2004 18:31

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Super drug-resistant forms of tuberculosis are at the tipping point of a global epidemic, and only small changes are needed to help them spread quickly, U.S. researchers predicted Sunday. Two separate studies show that multiple-drug-resistant TB, which can only be cured with a carefully monitored cocktail of drugs taken for months on end, could easily start spreading more commonly.

For some possible answers see:

Monday, September 20, 2004


Just came across this very good article and read it thrice. There is a tremedous amount of information condensed therein if one is open and attentive. It deals with several forms of energy medicine that heretofor have been either suppressed or underrepresented in the annuls of science and the corporate whore media. As far as I can tell, it tells it like it is if we have the courage to listen and then apply these golden principles. Also, some real good sources for alternative therapy devices, clinics, information etc. Check it out:


Sunday, September 19, 2004



If you have a condition that orthodox medical science says cannot be healed or you want to avoid destructive and costly treatments like surgery and the like, then here is a viable alternative.

I met Dr. David Stokesbary at a medical convention and was very impressed with his sincerity and warmth as well as his high level of expertise. He is spoken of highly by those scientists who know him. He is an orthopedic surgeon by training among other things, which gives him a great insight and understanding of his patient’s needs.

Magnetic field therapy is a somewhat unorthodox but very effective way of dealing with a multitude of severe conditions. Please go to his site and check it out for yourself.


MME (Magnetic Molecular Energizing), offers an alternative to surgery or drug treatment for many diseases previously considered untreatable by conventional methods. It has thus far been successful with a wide variety of ailments such as:

Sports Injuries, Organ Dysfunction, Neurological Diseases, Fractures and Sprains, Non-Union Fractures, Alzheimer’s Disease, Cerebral Palsy, Migraine, Fibromyalgia, Infection, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Orthopedic Conditions,
Scarring, Anti-Aging, Stroke Impairment, Congestive Heart Failure, Muscular Dystrophy, Seizures, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Dental Maladies, Spinal Problems, Ruptured Discs, Pain Management, Arthritis, Brain Injury, Parkinson’s Disease, M.S., Liver Failure, Nerve Palsy

Friday, September 17, 2004


"There is reason to believe that by the use of specific frequencies of mechanical vibration (sound/ultrasound) that scar tissue generated from spinal cord injury can be made to go embryonic-looking. Furthermore, that once these scar tissue cells have become embryonic-like or looking (dedifferentiation) they can then redifferentiate into the normal glia and other type cells needed to repair the spinal cord."

This is from the Proposal by Physicist Gary Wade. It is well worth reading this brief but cogent paper. The possibilities are unlimited. There are an estimated 11,000 spinal cord injuries every year in this country. This approach has great merit and promise. Check it out.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Vaccine Contamination---Polio, Hepatitis and HIV

Contraversial? Yes. Shocking? Yes. True? You be the judge. (Oh, wait. Big Brother assures us he will think for us. Well then, go back to sleep and wait for the wolves to come dear sheep. The rest of you trouble makers get the word out like Paul Revere. The dark forces are coming! The dark forces are coming!)

Stealth-Adapted Viruses and the Origins of AIDS

According to Dr. W. John Martin, M.D., Ph.D., Founder of the Center for Complex Infectious Diseases, Rosemead California, cytomegaloviruses contaminating experimental poliovirus vaccines in Central Africa may have provided the genetic push allowing a relatively harmless simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) of chimpanzees to evolve into the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) that causes AIDS.

Potential contamination of polio vaccines has been a smoking gun since a 1972 study showed cytomegalovirus in kidney cultures from African green monkeys. Recent testing by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) showed that monkey cytomegalovirus DNA was still detectable in some of the vaccine lots produced after the 1972 discovery. Contamination certainly would be expected in some early experimental lots of polio vaccines extensively studied in Congo and other parts of Africa .

Cytomegaloviruses promote the growth of retroviruses, such as SIV and HIV, by providing a receptor molecule allowing for the entry of the virus into cells. The cytomegaloviruses of monkeys used to make polio vaccines have more SIV and HIV receptor molecules than do the cytomegaloviruses of either chimpanzees or humans. Martin showed this in an African green monkey cytomegalovirus, and others have shown it with rhesus monkey virus.
Pre and post immunization sera were collected from 340 Congolese children immunized with an experimental polio vaccine in 1958. Testing of these stored sera for vaccine induced anti-cytomegalovirus antibodies would address the issue of cytomegalovirus being present in the vaccine.

Martin has also been told of the use of kidneys taken directly from chimpanzees to grow polio vaccine virus. This information did not come to light during the discussions relating to Ed Hooper's book “The River,” that drew the public's attention to the use of Africa as a testing ground for polio vaccine. Africans, and indeed all of mankind, have a reasonable right to know the details of these studies.

As further reported to Martin, there apparently was an illness among the vaccine workers that caused wasting. It was referred to as the African equivalent of “thin man.” Many of the captive chimpanzees also became sick. In spite of these findings, chimpanzee kidneys were still being shipped to the United States for hepatitis vaccine and other studies.

Martin's own work has pointed to a process whereby viruses evade immune recognition by simply deleting genes that code the relatively few viral components targeted by the cellular immune defense. The process has been termed “stealth-adaptation.” Stealth-adapted African green monkey simian cytomegaloviruses have been detected in patients with illnesses involving the brain. Rather than seizing the opportunity to learn more about these viruses, Public Health officials seemingly continue to maintain the “don't want to know” attitude. A technologist working at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) even told Martin of a simian cytomegalovirus being grown from a person who received an experimental rubella virus vaccine. This vaccine was also produced in African green monkey kidney cells. As Martin recently concluded, “I feel the public should expect more from those entrusted with the Nation's health, including a will ingness to more openly address the question of vaccine safety. Possibly by placing the issue in terms of World Heath and, in particular, the role of polio vaccines in the origins of AIDS in Africa , other organizations might respond to the challenge posed by stealth-adapted viruses.”

The members of the WTO should ask their respective governments to look into the vaccine safety issue through their own institutions and pharmaceutical houses. I doubt that it is the intent of the pharmaceutical industries of the World to slowly kill all of their customers. The issue is as important as any other we face today.

Dr. Stephen B. Palmer
(Posted on the World Trade Organization Discussion Group 12/12/02 -- )

For more infor:

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

CODEX Update

From at

"CODEX wants to limit your antioxidant protection
What is important here is that upcoming CODEX meetings intend to establish worldwide upper limits on supplemental vitamins and minerals. The Codex Alimentarius Commission is a world body created in 1963 World Health Organization to develop food standards and ensure fair trade practices." []

Codex wants to limit everything they can but especially vitamins, minerals, etc. in fact, any substance that is natural, easily attained and not profitable to the international drug cartels etc.
Like garlic, which the drug companies consider an "orphan drug" i.e. effective but not controllable, vitamic C and other naturals that can keep people well and are therapeutic in large doses, are extreemly threatening to their bottom line. Do some research and get ready to fight for your rights to have access to supplements of any kind. The Codex plan is, like they are already doing in Europe, control everything and make it all by "prescription". Once again, Big Brother wants to protect you from yourself. For some good information see:

Friday, September 03, 2004


VACCINE NEWS UPDATES: In Case You Missed Them. We will try to add more as there is more information. Check back. (Don't play Russian Roulette with your kids! Get the facts. Oh, incidentally, your doctor may not know anything but what they tell him!)

MS and Hepatitis B Vaccine


Limiting Use of Mercury Containing Preservative in Vaccines for Pregnant Women

Neurotoxic effects of postnatal thimerosal are mouse strain dependent. (Technical but short)Hornig M, Chian D, Lipkin WI.

Vaccines May Fuel Autism Epidemic

Despite resistance, flu drug still preferred

Thimerosal Battle Heads to "Vaccine Court"

Flu vaccine is found tainted in factory, shipments delayed

Tell the Truth About Vaccines--or Keep Away From my Children
Compulsory vaccination against terrorist attack is unjustified

For some positive input/solutions etc., go to: Vaccine Alternatives