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Friday, January 29, 2016



It’s the beginning of the year and time to actually do something to fulfill our New Year’s Resolutions!
Time to lose that excess flubber (fat plus blubber), that makes us feels like some kind of blimp, for one thing.   Do we really want to accomplish these things we dream about like quitting smoking, losing that unseemly fat, going to the gym and getting a sleek new frame, etc. etc?  Are we willing to pay the price of temporary discipline until the goal is achieved?

Not every diet works. And, then, most diets offer only temporary results since the basic eating habits are not changed---not to mention the fact that almost nothing in the modern society aims at a permanent solution or cure because that would be bad for business, i.e. something has to keep ‘em coming back for more.  Also, we have come to rely too much on things outside ourselves to help us achieve our goals, like pills, diet drinks, experts, etc.  The trouble is, as we all realize, no one cares as much about us as we do. We are our own best friend when it comes to success of any kind, especially self-improvement.

We have found a diet that works,  one that will really help you melt those fat pounds and doesn’t require that much effort or a lot of money for special diet formulas---Shaman Jim’s Fat Loss System.  Its simplicity might be its downfall because like his stop smoking method we mentioned last year, it is too easy and too simple.  We have been programmed to believe in high tech, complex solutions to our problems as this helps support out division of labor economy.  And, what is left of our Puritan work ethic makes us feel that we have to suffer and toil for success, or we do not deserve it.  

Still, if you want to succeed this is the way.  As a bonus, you learn a few things about how to stay healthy and eat right in this society that seems to value shelf life over nutrition in its food and drinks.
The technique gets right to the nitty-gritty and offers simple but effective things you can do to start your body burning that unsightly fat right away.  Also, there are referenced sources if you want to delve further into proper nutrition and healing.  If you are really serious, we would recommend his e-book on Alternative Health and Medicine which has a multitude of valuable facts and techniques on how to get and stay healthy in our polluted and toxic world.  We the cost of mainstream medicine and insurance sky rocketing, alternative health and medicine is a subject we all need to address.  Shaman Jim gives a wonderfully complete overview with real, practical things we all can do very inexpensively by taking responsibility for our own health and well being.

All in all, if you want to actually carry through with your resolutions, we recommend you check out Shaman Jim’s methods starting with his diet on how to lose fat. Happy 2016 and may we attain all our positive goals.

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