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Friday, December 09, 2016



So what happens when the antibiotics run out?  Even if you have a supply and they are not past the due date, even then eventually you will run out.  And in any kind of SHTF situation, you will run out whether it be a financial breakdown, a war, or any other kind of ongoing emergency.  Food may go first, but antibiotics and other medicines won’t be far behind. Sure, there is always the black market but are you really willing to pay the price?

From the terrific blog

Because the government must maintain direct control over everything we consume, the FDA is now set to ban access to over-the-counter antiobiotic medications. Such medications, classified as veterinary antibiotics, are often used by pet owners to treat bacterial infections in fish and livestock. For those preparing for a breakdown of emergency services in the event of widespread disaster where hospitals may be closed down and medical personnel unavailable, the banning of these drugs means that preppers can no longer purchase these medications over the counter and outside of view of prying surveillance state eyes.

Starting January 1, 2017, the equivalent of a veterinary prescription will be required for certain OTC antibiotics.

This was the alternative source for those who wanted antibiotics at a reasonable price etc.
My solution of choice is one of several alternative approaches. There are numerous alternatives to antibiotics among them herbs, homeopathic remedies, colloidal silver, oxygen and ozone medicine, and even electricity and magnetism correctly applied. These all take either a great deal of expertise or, they cost an arm and a leg or, they are not practical in most SHTF situations.

For example, to use medical grade ozone you must have a supply of pure oxygen which requires at the least a concentrator and a lot of power to run.  Likewise, pulse magnetic therapy is a proven killer of pathogens when correctly applied, but requires a lot of dependable current to drive the large magnets.  Plus, for the magnet to be effective it must be quite large and heavy which makes it impractical if you must be on the move.

And so, I prefer the small, portable device I have used for years that is based of Dr. Royal Rife’s work, popularly known as a rife machine.  They are not all the same by the way.  I believe mine is the best of the bunch because it is automatic and basically idiot proof. Most other machines I have looked at require a great deal of programming and knowledge of which frequencies to use for what disease. This is often guess work since most people in the field are not experts and do not understand the principles that made Rife’s original machine so effective, e.g. did Rife use a square wave or some other kind?

Bottom line is, the rife kills pathogens using ultrasonic vibrations ranging from 0 to several hundred million cycles per second.  It scans slowly upward and even if you do not know the right frequency  (MOR) for sure ( and many mutate constantly), you still get the little critters, i.e. using a machine gun approach as compared to a rifle approach.  (Not making medical claims because I am not a doctor, BUT, this rife machine is not impressed by antibiotic resistant organisms and will kill them just as fast.  The principle that it uses does not allow the pathogens, whether bacteria, viruses, parasites, rickesettas, etc. to develop an immunity as do chemical based pharmaceuticals, i.e. it is physics-based destroys them on a much more fundamental level.)

But the best part is that the machine uses very little energy, less than a light bulb.  I have used it with a deep cycle battery and an inverter. Which means, I can run this device with a very small amount of energy which can easily be produced with a small solar panel, batteries, a running car engine, etc.  It is very efficient since the amount of energy it produces at the contact point is far less than Rife used with his original machine and many, many times less than even a standard ultrasound scan used on pregnant moms!  

The circuitry is solid and about the only thing that can break or wear out is the little fan that cools it, which can easily be replaced.  One could easily have a few spares.  Like the Seals say, two is one and one is none.  So, it is always a good idea to have spares when it comes to your life, and in a SHTF situation, your health is your life.

Where can I get this rife machine you may be asking.  The guy who makes my machine does not manufacture these but makes them to order having to comply with Federal Law.  He is a physicist and inventor and was one of the first to take up Royal Rife’s work after it was lost for decades due to harassment from the FDA and other vested interests in the standard medical paradigm.  Oh, and it is not that expensive compared to any kind of mainstream medicine.

If you believe like me, that something wicked this way comes, then this is one tool you should have in your bag to protect the health of you and your loved ones.  You can read up more at this website.  There are many great articles that will educate you for free on many alternative solutions to what mainstream medicine calls incurable etc.  I wish I could tell you how effective this approach is with so many diseases, but I cannot and stay a free man.  I just know for myself and the many clients I have helped, that this machine, though not a cure all, is probably the best all round alternative medicine and prevention solution available to the people of Earth.

Shaman Jim

Tuesday, August 02, 2016



We haven’t written anything for a while because we realized it is time to prepare.  If you know what we mean then we don’t have to say. If you do not, there is not much we can say at this point to convince you.

This article is going to continue a series we began quite some time ago regarding prepping and off the grid medicine.  We had covered several different very powerful alternative medical devices you could take with you and operate with little or no power, e.g. rife, silver, ozone.

Someone we know just came up with a simple yet powerful solution to a machine that can be taken with you even if you and operated off a 12 volt battery or even a solar generator.

If you are not familiar with medical grade ozone as a treatment tool you should be.  There is not enough room herein to even summarize the thousands of papers and clinical studies that have proved ozone one of the best, if not the best, treatment protocols available. It is used and has been used around the world for decades with incredible results and close to zero side effects! It is the most potent germ killer known to man other than chlorine dioxide.  But, ozone is safe if used properly, even internally.  It is used all around the world at water treatment plants to kill pathogens and get rid of toxins. The only reason chlorine compounds are put into the water is that it has to travel miles through pipes, has to stay in those pipes and ozone has a very short half life. Ozone is used to purify bottled water, wash fruit and vegetables and kill mold in commercial use.  There are some good reference articles at the end of this blog so you can do your own research. You can get lost in the internet because there is so much information and many research papers are in German since it has been used there by MDs for decades.

What we want is a small, powerful, dependable little medical grade ozone generator that we can take with us if the power goes down for any number of reasons, i.e. an EMP from man or sun, terrorist attack, computer hack, etc.  We can use it to purify water, sterilize wounds, kill viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, etc.  Ozone is known to kill everything that is harmful to man, even anthrax if enough time is allowed for it to penetrate even when in the spore state.  Only a very small amount is required when used internally and properly and a small oxygen tank will last a long time.  If nothing else, having a way to completely clean and purify water makes it pay for itself.  With some study, you can become quite proficient at using it to kill any pathogen that might infect you from gang green to MRSA to any of the new diseases like Zeka, CRE, etc.  Ozone kills them all!

It is hard for most people to believe that something as simple as a tri atomic form of oxygen can kill damn near every pathogen known or unknown to man, but it is true.  You have not learned of it because it is too powerful and would destroy the mainstream big pharm/medical complex as we know it.  But, with a little determination and effort you can have it and use it to keep you and your family healthy even in this darkening world.  

This machine is a workhorse and should last a lifetime. In fact, its business element is guaranteed for a lifetime!  We know the engineer who has made this and we know what he makes works and lasts.  This is one for certain survival piece of equipment we all must have while there is still time. Remember, this is a  direct current or DC 12 volt device.  He also makes an AC or standard wall socket current, just like it so you can get both and really be prepared. With all the money people are spending on prepping this is a small expense---it can replace a whole medicine cabinet. Do the research and you will agree.  Medical grade ozone is something we all need to know about. Get an inexpensive oxygen concentrator to fill your tank once in a while and you are really independent.  God Bless and be safe.




Sunday, May 08, 2016


CHEM TRAILS  Fresh information that will shock you. You have to watch this. 

Amazing!!!  Everyone needs to watch this—if you know this already this is the proof you need to tell your friends and loved ones. If you cannot handle the Truth, then just ignore.  If you have the courage to watch this, then you have to ask one question;  why are they spraying us?  There is an answer.  More to come.   Pass it on please while we still can.  Don’t assume that anything will get done about this until the public screams.  Watch this video and then read down for some personal solutions.

PS I personally had the experience of breathing a fresh chem trail when I was hill climbing because there was no wind and I could see it falling down from the sky but could not escape breathing it. I got so sick I almost died. Luckily I had alternative means to treat this infection and toxicity.  There is truly poison in these chemtrails. Don’t let anyone lie to you about it.


Besides doing some research on the difference between harmless contrails and hideous chem trails you can do something.  I am going to quote from a book everyone should have in their library. It is worth its weight in diamonds! And, I do not exaggerate.

But it is not just radiation. It is also toxic metal pollution etc. Which leads me to these very brief excerpts  from pages  46-48---keep in mind that aluminum is almost ubiquitous in our food and water so there is already way too much for our bodies to handle unaided;

“The list of potential effects of a toxicity rivals that of the other heavy metals in breadth and scope.
“Like many of the other environmental  toxins, aluminum has cumulative effects in the human body----what started out at age fifteen as occasional headaches may by fifty be Parkinson’s disease.
“There are several natural substances and foods that prevent the assimilation of aluminum  or counteract its side effects.  They are calcium, fiber, lecithin, and other choline-containing substances, magnesium, vitamin C, and zinc.”  (Choline is a B vitamin and occurs in nutritional yeast but also I take a good Choline supplement from Country Life vitamins.)

On page 107:

“Vitamin C together with bioflavanoids, helps protect against most common pollutants, including lead, mercury, DDT, cadmium, nitrates, aluminum, chlorine, cigarette smoke, copper, fluoride, carbon monoxide, arsenic, benzene, pesticides, chromium, PCB’s, dioxin, THC, polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, and the toxic side effects of many drugs.” (Wow. That is some Vitamin!)

And it goes on and on. Priceless.  You almost cannot take too much vitamin C.   The therapeutic amount is very high compared to the RDA by government sources.  You need to do research. The truth is out there after all. And, the old saying is right, e.g. “an ounce of prevention is……….”

I can only give a brief summation here. You need to get and read this book.  Also, one of the best books on vitamin C and all the miraculous things it can do is:

A wealth of information and easy to read.  C does a lot more than they want you to know about.

A great article on vitamin C is at:

Friday, January 29, 2016



It’s the beginning of the year and time to actually do something to fulfill our New Year’s Resolutions!
Time to lose that excess flubber (fat plus blubber), that makes us feels like some kind of blimp, for one thing.   Do we really want to accomplish these things we dream about like quitting smoking, losing that unseemly fat, going to the gym and getting a sleek new frame, etc. etc?  Are we willing to pay the price of temporary discipline until the goal is achieved?

Not every diet works. And, then, most diets offer only temporary results since the basic eating habits are not changed---not to mention the fact that almost nothing in the modern society aims at a permanent solution or cure because that would be bad for business, i.e. something has to keep ‘em coming back for more.  Also, we have come to rely too much on things outside ourselves to help us achieve our goals, like pills, diet drinks, experts, etc.  The trouble is, as we all realize, no one cares as much about us as we do. We are our own best friend when it comes to success of any kind, especially self-improvement.

We have found a diet that works,  one that will really help you melt those fat pounds and doesn’t require that much effort or a lot of money for special diet formulas---Shaman Jim’s Fat Loss System.  Its simplicity might be its downfall because like his stop smoking method we mentioned last year, it is too easy and too simple.  We have been programmed to believe in high tech, complex solutions to our problems as this helps support out division of labor economy.  And, what is left of our Puritan work ethic makes us feel that we have to suffer and toil for success, or we do not deserve it.  

Still, if you want to succeed this is the way.  As a bonus, you learn a few things about how to stay healthy and eat right in this society that seems to value shelf life over nutrition in its food and drinks.
The technique gets right to the nitty-gritty and offers simple but effective things you can do to start your body burning that unsightly fat right away.  Also, there are referenced sources if you want to delve further into proper nutrition and healing.  If you are really serious, we would recommend his e-book on Alternative Health and Medicine which has a multitude of valuable facts and techniques on how to get and stay healthy in our polluted and toxic world.  We the cost of mainstream medicine and insurance sky rocketing, alternative health and medicine is a subject we all need to address.  Shaman Jim gives a wonderfully complete overview with real, practical things we all can do very inexpensively by taking responsibility for our own health and well being.

All in all, if you want to actually carry through with your resolutions, we recommend you check out Shaman Jim’s methods starting with his diet on how to lose fat. Happy 2016 and may we attain all our positive goals.

References:  by Shaman Jim