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Thursday, May 26, 2005



The best way would be to never go into a hospital. This, though eminently desirable, is a little unpractical for most. There are times when it is mandatory, e.g. When we require surgery for a broken bone, when we are unconscious and we cannot put up a fight. Then, what do you do?

If it were us, we would immediately get a friend or relative to bring us a good negative ion generator, one that creates ozone preferably. We hear these promoted on the radio all the time so we do not have to give you a specific name like Living Air or something. Hmmm. There are various types depending on whether you want to clean the air, the water, or use it for some other application that we cannot recommend because it would be giving medical advice; and so we cannot. But....

“In the first such epidemiological study, researchers found that the infection rate fell to zero during the year long trial. "We were absolutely astounded to find such clear cut results," engineer Clive Begg at the University of Leeds, UK, told
New Scientist.”

If the doctor or nurses in the hospital object, show them the articles linked below and tell them the Pentagon used ion generators to clean up the horrible smoke and flesh smell after 911. This is a matter of record. These ions are very mild compared to some generators that are used in industry for killing mold, purifying water, etc.

There is a lot of good info you can read on ion and ozone generators.
Ozone is much more effective but also harder to get, since the FDA has declared war on ozone therapy in the USA even though over 3000 doctors in Germany and 15,000 world wide use it every day! Still think they work for you?

Repeated airborne infections of the bacteria acinetobacter in an intensive care ward have been eliminated by the installation of a negative air ioniser.
Air ionisers wipe out hospital infections

Sharp air conditioning technology can inactivate viruses including influenza, and potentially deadly bacteria, the company claims. The "plasmacluster ion air purification" system generates positive and negative ions, which react with microparticles, including microbes, Sharp says.
"Our survey has indicated that this is the first time an electronics manufacturer has scientifically proved a certain technology was effective in inactivating viruses and bacteria," says a Sharp spokesman. The study will be presented in detail at a conference later in 2002.
Ionising air conditioners 'zap flu'

For all kinds of information and good articles etc. on oxygen and ozone therapies go to:

Oxygen And Ozone Therapies


Saturday, May 21, 2005


Cell phones are really big business. That is why you will not be hearing about how dangerous they can be on the mainstream media. You owe it to yourself to get acquainted with the pros and cons and some of the solutions to the possible EM and other dangers of cellphones."

Here is one possible solution to cell phone radiation. It is worth checking out. As always, perform your own due diligence; it is your life and health.

Monday, May 16, 2005



Time to revisit a very touchy subject, antibiotic resistant germs. We don’t like talking about it anymore than you want to hear about it but... it is getting to the point of crisis. As a new report says;

“The purpose of this document, however, is to call attention to a frightening twist in the antibiotic resistance problem that has not received adequate attention from federal policymakers: The pharmaceutical pipeline for new antibiotics is drying up.”

The full report with some ideas on how to fix it (if they can in time) can be found at:

Bad Bugs, No Drugs Executive Summary

Another report from Science Daily downplays the danger but asserts it is important:
“Drug resistance in microorganisms has become a problem due in part to inappropriate prescribing and overuse of antibiotics. These drug-resistant “superbugs” can infect people and cause health problems that are difficult to address with the standard antibiotic regimens. One of the culprits is methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, an organism that was associated mainly with hospital-acquired infections, but is becoming increasingly common in the general community, as has been reported recently in the medical literature. It can cause problems ranging from skin infections to severe bloodstream infections and even death.” See:

Two Studies Document Rise Of Superbugs In The Environment


Drug Resistant Bacteria In Meat

UPDATE on the Marburg Virus May 2005

We think it is much worse as some other reports document:

Superbug MRSA deaths up 1400% in a decade

Would you like to see our ideas about this threat? We have a few. First, read the article
Superbugs. We think this is where research should be heading. In the meantime, it is a great defense while orthodox medical science is trying to catch up. Then, to be even more fully armed against the coming possible pandemics, check out one of the most informative alternative sites at Oxygen Medicine.

Sunday, May 08, 2005


This is an example of how powerful Vitamin C can be when used in very large doses. This is in reference to the Marburg and Ebola outbreaks but it might as well be about flu or even Polio. There is plenty of evidence. Make sure your doctor knows. And, you know if Vitamin C is this powerful with these kind of diseases that conventional medicine claims are incurable, then how much more powerful is it in keeping you healthy and protecting from everyday germ attacks. And, new information is proving Vitmain C's efficacy in fighting the effect of poisons, toxins and even readiation poisoning! We do not take enough C! Check all over this site for good info:

For great article on Vitamin C, what it can do and how it has been suppressed see:

The Vitamin C Story

Sunday, May 01, 2005



What are rife frequencies about? What is a rife machine and what does it do? I heard it can cure things that medical science says are incurable. How do I tell which information is true and correct and which may be fake and hype and just plain fraud? Is there a genuine rife technology out there that could save our lives? This is a crucial issue now that cancer has become public enemy #1 ahead of heart disease. What do we do when the next flu epidemic sweeps through or one of the exotic and incurable diseases escapes and finds its way to our land, (see
Recent Outbreaks)? How about bio terror?

Most people have never heard of Dr. Royal Rife and his amazing microscope and his frequency machine. We believe, as do people who have been fortunate enough to avail themselves of the real deal, that rife technology is the best and last hope mankind has to fight and win against the coming onslaught of diseases that are becoming more and more immune to antibiotics and other conventional approaches. If you do the research or read the book by Barry Lynes,
“The Cancer Cure That Worked”, you will realize that we have all been horribly cheated by the vested interests that control our government and medical system for their own extravagant profits. (See Politics in Healing by a past politician who knows of what he speaks.)

There is so much bad information and so many devices that are called “rife machines” that the very term of rife is becoming somewhat tainted even before the public has a chance to learn what it is all about. But, wherever there is counterfeit money, there has to be real money. Just so, there are good rife machines that actually work to one degree or another. But, that is enough to trump allopathic medicine that can only pronounce, “Go home and die, there is nothing medical science can do.” Well, that is true, but only because they have suppressed some very effective cures and therapies. This is absolutely beyond doubt and is proven by much documented information if you choose to look.

However, we cannot in this limited space explain and justify rife technology as one of the greatest discoveries of all time. This you can do with a little research. What we want to do is warn you of the many interlopers and fakes, and quasi scientific approaches that are out there. The point we are making is; just because you call cow manure a rose does not make it smell sweet! Be careful and cautious. Study and pay your dues to understand the concepts involved. This will help you make a determination among all the various sites, gurus, devices, etc.

We have found several good sources for rife information. The pre-eminent site may be Physicist Gary Wade’s site:

We think his papers are clear and easy to understand and very good science as well as being completely practical. He is one of a handful of people who really comprehends what Dr. Royal Rife was actually doing and has the practical, hands-on know how to build a real rife machine that makes use of present technology to achieve what Rife had hoped for! His device is a wonder and should be the first and last that you look at. For basic good information on Rife, one of the best and original sites is:

There are other brave and talented people like James Bare who also have a good handle on rife technology albeit a slightly different approach. You can find his comments and those of others on the
Rife Forum which is also an excellent source of information and discussion.

Just beware of the really bombastic sales and marketing gimmicks that lead you in a Google or Yahoo search to a site that is obviously set up to sell products. Be cautious of grandiose and outlandish claims for cures and the like. This is hyperbole and makes the case for rife more difficult to build. Someday we pray it will be an easy and legal choice for MDs to use rife machines in the USA and other countries that are stuck in the medical stone age. The ones we know in this pioneering science, even when they are marketing are always tasteful and put you first in making it easy to access the information you require. In the coming months we will also highlight some other suppressed and unorthodox medical methods that are getting cures in other countries even as we speak. Note: Watch the FDA very carefully. They are on the hot seat and have a real chance to become one of the good guys if they side with us the people and not with their former masters, the giant pharmaceutical companies and equipment manufactures. Good Luck.