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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ultrasound and cancer

Alternative approaches to medicine are becoming an economic neccessity now that the allopathic medical structure in the West is on the verge of collapse. New and exciting discoveries are filtering through the old defenses, if only from foreign sources unfortunately. Here in the West, research is still too monopolized and controlled by the vested interests of the "establishment", i.e. they are still shooting themselves in the foot trying to ward off any competition from other forms of medicine that actually work, in the sense that they may offer a cure as opposed to just symptom suppression.

Here is a well researched article that opens the door to what Dr. Royal Rife and many others have found through emperical study, that ultrasound can destroy many types of germs including cancer.

Some extremely important information and demonstrated that the FDA is admitting the power of magnetics and ultrasound, albeit on the sly;

FDA Approved Food processing

More postive information on how to harness this power for health;