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Monday, January 28, 2013



More and more kids are getting hooked on tobacco because they think it is cool.  Not to mention that it helps them cope with being teenagers in the first place.  It was a tough time for most of us unless we were fortunate to be in the cool group or what we called the “in crowd”.

I began when I was in 6th grade grabbing cigarette butts and lighting them up.  What a rush. I recall my first response was that it made me queasy and sick but wanting to be cool and kept going until it just felt good.  Even then, the pressure of all the people you looked up to smoking had a tremendous effect and even overcame my body’s natural rejection of the poison.  Little did I know how hard it would be to quit later in life, and how important!

Getting a kid to stop before they become addicted is much easier than later when the habit has become entrenched in the psyche and the system has become acclimatized to nicotine and the 2,500 other chemicals in most commercial brand smokes.  Ah, didn’t know that?  Yes in deedy.  You would not believe some of the chemicals they put in those little coffin nails, some of them quiet poison.  Did you know they use gun powder even in the paper to make it burn faster so you smoke more?  Not fair you say?

I found a way to stop this nasty habit that is relatively easy, painless (yes really), and natural. And best of all,  it is permanent.  In the last 35 years I have only had a brief craving for a smoke once or twice and it went away in a few moments. No hypnosis, no drugs. It is all natural and it really works.

I think you had better try it before the guy who sells it figures out he could make more money selling it to the tobacco companies so they could suppress it.  Once he starts selling it for real, he may become a threat to the tobacco companies when people learn how easy it is to take control of their life back.  (I think because he is a Shaman he does not care that much about money.  Crazy huh?)

How much do smokers pay for their habit these days?  I have no idea but I know in New York it is absolutely ridiculous.  Tobacco itself may not be that harmful, after all people have smoked all over the world for centuries with little trouble. it is the multitude of additives that they put in from growing to manufacture that causes people so much harm combined with the terrible state of health most people are in due to the horrible diet and 55,000 untested chemicals that enter our bodies through various avenues. If you must smoke at least do it with an organic or very natural brand, if you can even find one.  Remember, the smog and low oxygen level in cities just magnifies the effect of the smoke.  Sulfur dioxide, one of the many pollutants in processed tobacco, paralyses the cilia for about 30 minutes,(little wavy things that clean our lungs) thus rendering your body’s attempt to get rid of the particulates in smoke moot.

But don’t let your kids get hooked for life.  Give them this method and make them follow through.  They will love you for it later, because they will not have to have lung removed.  They may even be able to get that Letter Sweater and be popular with the opposite sex.  Use whatever motivation you must, whether it be sports or just playing the trumpet better;  but do it. I wish someone had helped me when I was a kid. I did it for myself when I got into high school because I wanted to do gymnastics and other sports.  And, when I think about it, I actually used this guys method although unconsciously.  But it did work along with my desire to quit. Give it a try.



Saturday, January 26, 2013


The superbugs, including ebola, enturovirus d48 and other exotic diseases, are on the rise (since nothing is really being done about this problem in mainstream medicine this article is still highly relevant).  The news has to report it if they are told the truth, but they do not want to start a panic so they keep it low key. But, the truth is, medical science is up _____creek with no paddle. 

Time to put it all together.  We just cannot retire because the problems just keep getting worse. The Super bugs are winning and if we do not do something soon, there may be a pandemic the likes of which mankind has not seen.  Even if there is and you are prepared, then there is at least some chance for the race.  Do a Google search on superbugs or antibiotic resistant germs and you will be astonished.

The sad fact is that the common man or woman has an immune system that is now compromised and very weak.  Due to many factors like bad eating habits and some 55,000 untested chemicals being added to the food and water, among many other factors, mankind has drifted far away from the Edenic state wherein he could live in harmony with his world.   Modern man sees Nature as some kind of threatening adversary instead of the nurturing Mother she is meant to be.

Even in normal times we humans are told we require all kinds of help from science to fix what Nature has screwed up, that is, natural resistance to germs in the environment.  After all, we get sick don’t we?  Well sure, I got sick when I was young.  But now I almost never get any kind of illness.  Adult mumps is much worse, even can be deadly, than childhood mumps. Shall we trade a protected childhood for a quick and young death as adults?  Maybe we need these childhood run-ins with the germs to build our defenses and get stronger.  The more we depend on medical science to immunize us against everything under the sun, the weaker and more dependent be become.

Anyway, it may be too late to rejuvenate our systems in time.  Our bodies are being assaulted night and day by the stupid acts of man such as dousing animal feed with antibiotics, over-prescribing for even the slightest infection, de-naturing our foods of vital enzymes, vitamins and minerals, and, of course, vaccines.  Vaccines have a very bad scientific track record as a disease preventer and there is evidence mounting that they are just plain dangerous, full of noxious substances and even viruses, i.e. stealth viruses.  But this is not the place to go into that detail. You can check this link for more clinical proof.  (Remember, the media works for the advertisers. Just one example:  have you ever counted the drug ads on the evening news every night?)

I just want to point to one of the best alternative solutions there is on the planet.  When the Superbugs attack in earnest I hope you have one of these devices in your home, because there may not be enough antibiotics in the world to service all the sick and dying people. Also, it may be too late to find and acquire an effective device since they are all not alike in that very few are for real. The drug Vancomycin may be one of the last great drug firewalls against these deadly critters. True, they use cocktails of drugs now, but these bugs evolve faster than new drugs can be discovered and tested.  Because generations of bacteria come and go in a very short time, they can evolve much faster than our natural defenses can. It took us millions of years but they can evolve in a few months or years or even faster.  And this is what is happening all around the world. Yes, even in hospitals.

The rife machine is not new. It has been around since the 1930’s when the establishment began its suppression.  It was just too effective at killing germs and pathogens of all types, not just bacteria.  It is based on a principle of physics and is not dependent on biochemistry.  This means that these little creatures cannot develop any kind of defense against it because they are just too simplistic.  Resistance, as they say, is futile.  The human and animal cells can deal with it very easily and very quickly due to the sophistication of the cytology of the cell.  This is explained in papers by the physicist Gary Wade, who by the way also makes the premier rife machine. He is one of the few people on earth who actually comprehends how the rife principle actually works and can explain it. 

Do not put off reading up on this incredible therapy until the wolf is at the door.  Do some research and realize what so many others have; that there is a healing force, based in science, that can treat even the so-called incurable diseases of the time with little or no side effects?  You may be shocked and amazed but your doctor may not know much about it because it has been suppressed. Like ozone therapy and radionics, these therapies have been banned, at least in the US, so the public won’t find out.  There is no money in cures, and this is what the current medical model is built on, i.e. symptom suppression. America, in principle is a great place, but the greedy and the corrupt have worked their way into her innards like a cancer and we are at stage 4.  Keep the patient alive but dependent on medicine, surgery, radiation, drugs etc.

If you would be free check out  rife therapy.  Also, do not be misled by fake machines or disinformation, as there is much of that.  Read Gary Wade’s articles and you will know what you need to.  I personally value my rife machine above all other possessions because I know from experience that it will protect me from 97% of the pathogens out there no matter what they evolve into.  They have no defense. I have seen this help people that were told by their doctors they would die or have to go through horrible destructive chemo and the like. At least check it out.  If you stay up with the news you will realize that it is just a matter of time before the superbugs will get the upper hand, maybe even with man’s help. There is always the danger of a bio attack.  The experts said years ago on the ABC special on bio-warfare that it was just a matter of time.  Even this does not scare me with this weapon in my armament.  If this scares you good.  It will motivate you to get off your sedentary butt and do something.  Please do.  Good health.