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Thursday, November 15, 2012


One of the worst things about Obamacare in our estimation, is that it takes money away from the alternative medical field in favor of a mandatory health program that many do not want.  Still, they must pay for it whether they want it or need it.  This proprietary income could well go toward alternative health solutions but if it is not covered by this “insurance” then the patient must pay out of their own pocket—in this case they have to pay twice!  This could be a death knell to the alternative medicine field, which might be part of the intent.

Aside from getting a waver like so many politically connected organizations have, what can be done?  We think we have found one good partial solution which might help the cash strapped person or family.  Bill-Me-Later is a Paypal company that offers from 6 to up to 18 months of deferred payments on purchases of over $99.00!!

We don’t know how long this will last, but it is certainly worth looking into for people who want to avail themselves of an alternative method of treatment but do not have the funds in cash right now.  Of course, you have to have good credit but this is still a great way to end run the problem that this tyrannically imposed health insurance has imposed on health minded people. 

Many of us do realize the allopathic or drug and surgery oriented medicine is outdated and hopelessly failing due to endless regulations and its symptom oriented therapies.   There are many really effective alternative therapies in the world today in spite of the effort by cold blooded vested interests to suppress and destroy them.

We have said for years that Rife technology is among the best and most cost effective methods to fight most pathogen induced diseases in that it kills germs without inflicting the damage that drugs, surgery and radiation do.  Now, the best of this technology is available to those who may not have the lump sum cash, albeit a small amount by establishment medical standards (the average cancer patient is worth over $250,000 to the economy) through this Paypal  company.  You can see an example of this by visiting our friends at:

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Here’s wishing you and yours the best Holidays and New Year.