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Sunday, May 08, 2016


CHEM TRAILS  Fresh information that will shock you. You have to watch this. 

Amazing!!!  Everyone needs to watch this—if you know this already this is the proof you need to tell your friends and loved ones. If you cannot handle the Truth, then just ignore.  If you have the courage to watch this, then you have to ask one question;  why are they spraying us?  There is an answer.  More to come.   Pass it on please while we still can.  Don’t assume that anything will get done about this until the public screams.  Watch this video and then read down for some personal solutions.

PS I personally had the experience of breathing a fresh chem trail when I was hill climbing because there was no wind and I could see it falling down from the sky but could not escape breathing it. I got so sick I almost died. Luckily I had alternative means to treat this infection and toxicity.  There is truly poison in these chemtrails. Don’t let anyone lie to you about it.


Besides doing some research on the difference between harmless contrails and hideous chem trails you can do something.  I am going to quote from a book everyone should have in their library. It is worth its weight in diamonds! And, I do not exaggerate.

But it is not just radiation. It is also toxic metal pollution etc. Which leads me to these very brief excerpts  from pages  46-48---keep in mind that aluminum is almost ubiquitous in our food and water so there is already way too much for our bodies to handle unaided;

“The list of potential effects of a toxicity rivals that of the other heavy metals in breadth and scope.
“Like many of the other environmental  toxins, aluminum has cumulative effects in the human body----what started out at age fifteen as occasional headaches may by fifty be Parkinson’s disease.
“There are several natural substances and foods that prevent the assimilation of aluminum  or counteract its side effects.  They are calcium, fiber, lecithin, and other choline-containing substances, magnesium, vitamin C, and zinc.”  (Choline is a B vitamin and occurs in nutritional yeast but also I take a good Choline supplement from Country Life vitamins.)

On page 107:

“Vitamin C together with bioflavanoids, helps protect against most common pollutants, including lead, mercury, DDT, cadmium, nitrates, aluminum, chlorine, cigarette smoke, copper, fluoride, carbon monoxide, arsenic, benzene, pesticides, chromium, PCB’s, dioxin, THC, polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, and the toxic side effects of many drugs.” (Wow. That is some Vitamin!)

And it goes on and on. Priceless.  You almost cannot take too much vitamin C.   The therapeutic amount is very high compared to the RDA by government sources.  You need to do research. The truth is out there after all. And, the old saying is right, e.g. “an ounce of prevention is……….”

I can only give a brief summation here. You need to get and read this book.  Also, one of the best books on vitamin C and all the miraculous things it can do is:

A wealth of information and easy to read.  C does a lot more than they want you to know about.

A great article on vitamin C is at: