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Friday, November 02, 2007


This is nothing new and yet it is. Color and sound have been used down through the ages to heal in various ways, used by the Shaman, the Medicine Man, Priest, Monk, etc. Dr. Royal Rife found this same principle, that they refer to as “forced resonance”, (he called it the MOR or mortal ocillating resonance), many years ago but it was suppressed or ignored by the world of medicine, depending on how you see the world. In any event, now it is being re-discovered using light instead of ultrasound. It is still the same idea of the focusing energy causing a physical shaking rate that destroys the microbe. Maybe this will encourage big money to invest more in this area of research before our entire medical system collapses under its own weight….soon.

A physicist and his biologist son destroyed a common virus using a superfast pulsing laser, without harming healthy cells. The discovery could lead to new treatments for viruses like HIV that have no cure.
"We have demonstrated a technique of using a laser to excite vibrations on the shield of a virus and damage it, so that it's no longer functional," said
Kong-Thon Tsen, a professor of physics at Arizona State University. "We're testing it on HIV and hepatitis right now."
…..The virus-deactivating laser works on a principle called forced resonance. The scientists tune the laser to the same frequency the virus vibrates on. Then they crank up the volume. Like a high-pitched sound shattering glass, the laser vibrates the virus until it breaks.

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