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Monday, September 24, 2007


In the deluge of quit smoking methods, there are a few gems that stand out. Most of the commercialized methods rely on substitution or exchanging one addiction for another, e.g. nicotine gum, patch, etc. Other methods like hypnotism CDs and the like, are seldom permanent in that the individual reverts to old behavior at the first sign of stress because the basic chemical urge is still present and merely covered over temporarily.

To actually stop this ugly, self destructive habit for good, is very difficult and necessitates freeing the body from the physiological urge that has formed from a slow addiction to the numerous chemicals in tobacco, many of which are “added” to enhance addiction, although they will deny this vehemently.

We found one method that stands out by a Shaman healer no less. It is simple, easy and to the point. It is as painless as you can get while actually and really, freeing yourself from the chemical addiction that is nicotine. Once this chemical dependency is accomplished, it is rather easy for most people to get over the psychological addiction and modify their behavior toward more life affirming activities.

We recommend you check this out for yourself or a friend or loved one who is having a hard time quitting cigarettes. The method is deceptively simple and yet is the quintessential of what is required to stop painlessly and permanently. If we find any other effective methods we will keep you apprised. But, in the meantime, this is all you need to be free from tobacco.