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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

STOP SMOKING 2015 Quit smoking quickly, easily, painlessly and permanently the natural way.

Quit smoking quickly, easily, painlessly
and permanently the natural way.

There is no excuse for you to continue smoking cigarettes when you know full well it is choking you to death, slowly or quickly, depending on your age and health.  It is never too late to stop. The moment you quit, your body begins getting rid of the poisons and some 2,500 chemicals/toxins that are in the paper and tobacco of the “modern cigarette”.

It is not as hard as you think. Yes, tobacco is as or more addictive than heroin, or so they say.  But, you can stop any chemical addiction if you go about it correctly!
Quitting smoking is the most significant thing you can do to stay healthy and live longer.   Not only that, but you entire biology improves, e.g. you taste foods better, you have more energy, sex is better, your brain works better, you live longer, etc. etc.  All improves and you feel rejuvenated. In fact, you are since your lungs, as they cleanse, are more and more efficient at taking in oxygen and releasing CO2.  The atmosphere is getting so polluted that you have to give you lungs a fighting chance. Everytime you smoke a cigarette, it paralyses the cilia, those little hairlike tendrils that wave and clean your lungs. Numerous chemicals like sulfur dioxide make it hard for your body and brain to get the oxygen they need.

Shaman Jim has come up with a deceptively easy and simple way to stop smoking with very little if any withdrawal. No drugs, no patches, although some herbs can assist, but are not really necessary. It is completely natural and it works!  It sure beats going in for lung surgery or getting COPD, emphysema, asthmatic bronchitis, etc.  And then there is the dreaded lung cancer!   I have seen the suffering that breathing problems cause. It is not pretty and it is totally unnecessary.

You can beat smoking and you can use nature and the natural laws of the body to do it.  All you have to do its try. It may be too simple and easy and painless and then you will not appreciate it. I once smoked and I can tell you I am so happy that I quit. I do not miss it. If you do it right, you will not miss it and it will be permanent. I myself used this method and it mad quitting almost too easy. 
You have just been scared into believing that it is just impossible. Like the diet industry, most of them do not work long term because it provides an never ending stream of revenue to those who re package and sell this year’s magic diet solution over and over.  

Shaman Jim wants you to be free and healthy forever.  We recommend this method to everyone of all ages. It is never too late!