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Monday, December 28, 2009



Are you ready? When Vancomycin and drug cocktails do not work anymore, because the bugs have become resistant as they are doing, what will you do then? Why is this important to you? Because, as this article explains, these diseases are resistant to drugs and they are spreading fast. See some possible solutions below:

First case of highly drug-resistant TB found in US

By MARGIE MASON AND MARTHA MENDOZA, Associated Press Writers Margie Mason And Martha Mendoza, Associated Press Writers Sun Dec 27, 8:14 am ET

LANTANA, Fla. – It started with a cough, an autumn hack that refused to go away.

Then came the fevers. They bathed and chilled the skinny frame of Oswaldo Juarez, a 19-year-old Peruvian visiting to study English. His lungs clattered, his chest tightened and he ached with every gasp. During a wheezing fit at 4 a.m., Juarez felt a warm knot rise from his throat. He ran to the bathroom sink and spewed a mouthful of blood.

Juarez's strain — so-called extremely drug-resistant (XXDR) TB — has never before been seen in the U.S., according to Dr. David Ashkin, one of the nation's leading experts on tuberculosis. XXDR tuberculosis is so rare that only a handful of other people in the world are thought to have had it.

Today, all the leading killer infectious diseases on the planet — TB, malaria and HIV among them — are mutating at an alarming rate, hitchhiking their way in and out of countries. The reason: Overuse and misuse of the very drugs that were supposed to save us.

• In Cambodia, scientists have confirmed the emergence of a new drug-resistant form of malaria, threatening the only treatment left to fight a disease that already kills 1 million people a year.

• In Africa, new and harder to treat strains of HIV are being detected in about 5 percent of new patients. HIV drug resistance rates have shot up to as high as 30 percent worldwide.

• In the U.S., drug-resistant infections killed more than 65,000 people last year — more than prostate and breast cancer combined. More than 19,000 people died from a staph infection alone that has been eliminated in Norway, where antibiotics are stringently limited.

"Drug resistance is starting to be a very big problem. In the past, people stopped worrying about TB and it came roaring back. We need to make sure that doesn't happen again," said Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, who was himself infected with tuberculosis while caring for drug-resistant patients at a New York clinic in the early '90s. "We are all connected by the air we breathe, and that is why this must be everyone's problem."

This April, the World Health Organization sounded alarms by holding its first drug-resistant TB conference in Beijing. The message was clear — the disease has already spread to all continents and is increasing rapidly. Even worse, WHO estimates only 1 percent of resistant patients received appropriate treatment last year.

"We have seen a huge up burst in resistance," said CDC epidemiologist Dr. Laurie Hicks.

Now we know the problem, what can be done? Well, other than boosting your immune system by healthy living habits, which most Americans only indulge in the day after New Years until they give up on their resolutions, there are some things.

Alternative medicine and health give us some guidance as to how to deal with diseases that medical science has giving up on, like cancer, lyme disease, aids, MS, etc. there is no cure all, but the prudent use of several synergistic therapies, can ameliorate or even cure many so-called incurable diseases. This is a matter of fact and the evidence is out there. However, the orthodox medical establishment, drug companies etc. work very hard to suppress these solutions as they would end their monopoly on sickness and keeping people dependent.

There is not enough space here to go into the details of the major remedies, but a careful reading of these several sites will provide you with a vast advantage in understanding and utilizing alternative techniques to keep yourself and your family healthy in these dangerous times. There is an encyclopedia of information in these sites that you cannot find elsewhere for the simple investment of reading and thinking a little. Don’t wait for the next epidemic to hit. Start now to learn and you will be way ahead of the mutating germs even if medical science is not.

Here is a good place to begin:

One of the best articles on this site, but there are many others you can check out. Rife therapy, one of the most suppressed alternative treatments in the world, is probably the most effective in many cases. It targets disease that is germ based, which includes most and uses an approach based on physics rather than chemistry as drugs do. It is non-invasive and produces little or no side effects. A wealth of information on this subject, with practical application, by one of the greatest minds of this century. His knowledge is based solidly on science since he is a plasma physicist and knows of what he speaks.

THE CURE FOR EVERYTHING E-BOOK--- This may sound like hubris, but if you read and apply everything in it, it comes close to being a cure for whatever ails ya. It explains how there really is a panacea of sorts, but it is 85% prevention in most cases. You will learn how to prevent most disease, and if sick, how to cure most maladies with scientific and sometimes suppressed cures from around the world. A very wide ranging treatise and easy to read.

One of the most used alternative therapies on the planet is nearly unknown and certainly under-utilized by western doctors, perhaps due to the incredible death hold the pharmaceutical companies have on the universities and doctor’s education. This therapy has been used for over 60 years in Germany is now used by over 8000 physicians around the world. The results, when used properly, are astounding and with almost zero side effects! Like rife therapy, it is effective in most microbial based conditions, which encompasses the great per cent of disease.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stephen Barrett vs. The Truth

"THE LAST DAYS OF THE QUACKBUSTERS"... Expose on a true hater of healing.

'The "quackbuster" operation is a conspiracy. It is a propaganda enterprise, one part crackpot, two parts evil. Its sole purpose is to discredit, and suppress, in an "anything goes" attack mode, what is wrongfully named "Alternative Medicine." It has declared war on reality. The conspirators are acting in the interests of, and are being paid, directly and indirectly, by the "conventional" medical-industrial complex.'

There is a war going on for the hearts and minds of men. There really are forces of darkness and evil in the world. They fight on because they are angry and greedy and unevolved. We are going to delve into one such propagator of lies and disinformation as an illustration of how careful we must be to think for ourselves and not get lost in the propaganda that keeps people in the vicious cycle of dependence.

This is key to your survival. They have convinced most of the public that the allopathic medical model is the only one. That there are no cures for the many maladies that attack us like cancer and lyme and aids. Etc. They have suppressed many cures over the years and this is documented. See the links at the end of article. "The Politics of Healing".

Beware of false profits. Yes, it is spelled right. This is the warning to question and evaluated thoroughly the rantings and ravings of a semi lunatic named Stephen Barrett, M.D. , although he is not an MD since 1993.

This pseudo expert has been discredited in court and by anyone with real credentials that is not a puppet of the big pharmaceutical companies, yet maintains a vivid presence on the internet, in his railing war against all alternative medicine. Since we cannot remove the bile that this pretender has sprayed onto the web, the mountain of disinformation, the lies, etc., what we can do is look at the man himself. By seeing what he really is and does, we can better conclude the errors in his judgment and so, once and for all, dispense with this madness and do our own research.

This phony doctor, who could not make it as a real healer has dedicated his life to serving the bloated and greedy allopathic medical establishment by trying to block all scientific progress and new developments in alternative medicine. He rails against every form of therapy, no matter what it is, with no regard for the people he hurts,so let us look at his credentials, his justification for being some kind of expert on the subject.

From article Failed MD Stephen Barrett
By consumer advocate Tim Bolen;

“Take an overactive self importance, couple it with glaring failure and rejection in his chosen profession, add a cup of molten hatred for those that do succeed, pop it in the oven - and out comes Stephen Barrett - self-styled "expert in everything."

Barrett, we know, along with his website, is currently named, among other things, in a racketeering (RICO) case in Federal Court in Colorado.

He's also being sued for his nefarious activities in Ontario, Canada.
Barrett, in the Canadian case, has formally admitted, according to Canadian law, to a number of situations put to him by the Plaintiff, including:

"The sole purpose of the activities of Barrett & Baratz are to discredit and cause damage and harm to health care practitioners, businesses that make alternative health therapies or products available, and advocates of non-allopathic therapies and health freedom."

"Barrett has interfered with the civil rights of numerous Americans, in his efforts to have his critics silenced."

"Barrett has strategically orchestrated the filing of legal actions in improper jurisdictions for the purpose of frustrating the victims of such lawsuits and increasing his victims costs."

"Barrett failed the exams he was required to pass to become a Board Certified Medical Doctor."

Stephen Barrett testifies for money. He claims he's an "expert" in virtually everything. Those "expert witness" fees seem to be a significant part of Barrett's existence.

Go read this short article and learn for yourself. Here is a guy who knows nothing and is a perfect shill for the drug companies and medical power groups that want to keep us sick and dependent on their products. No new cures is their motto. Cure a patient, lose a customer. Their sole purpose in life, using finger puppets like Barrett, is to stifle and suppress any cures, treatments or therapies that would make their symptom suppressing medicines obsolete and thus their obscene profits.

Go to and see the reviews at the bottom of the page for Barrett's outrageous rip-off of a pretend text that costs $100.00 for a paperback! He is quite clearly a total incompetent and some of the comments illustrate this:

Consumer Health: A Guide To Intelligent Decisions (Paperback)

“When I taught health science for the State University of New York, I "inherited" the use of this textbook from the previous instructor's syllabus. It is a strikingly poor textbook. My students (mostly college sophomores and juniors, without a heavy-duty scientific background) rapidly detected what they saw as the book's paternal attitude, its anti-vitamin bias, and its factual errors as easily as I could. Fortunately, there are many other good consumer health and nutrition texts out there. In my opinion, just about any one of them is several steps up from "Consumer Health: A Guide To Intelligent Decisions." Instructors, before you order this on for your class, preview a copy carefully and see for yourself. As for me, yes, I still have my copy on hand . . . to use to demonstrate just how unscientific and politicized a textbook can actually be. Most students are considerably smarter than this book's authors seem to think they are. And thank heaven for that.” Andrew W. Saul

"I have been using this textbook for four semesters with undergraduates obtaining a minor in health education and am frustrated with the information that is outdated and full of errors. I will no longer be using the text in my courses. The food pyramid is wrong, exercise theories are incorrect, etc. My exercise science majors this past semester were disgusted with the mistakes."
Assistant Professor Health Education
Massachusetts Private College

If you want to really research the truth about alternative medicine then we will give you several sources that are competent and enlightening. It is unfortunate that in this age of the internet, someone so scurrilous and angry should have superficially equal credibility with those who actually seek to help mankind. But this is the price of freedom. Voltaire said, “I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” He was a better man than I. I think some of these low lifes should be classified with snuff films as they are truly evil in their intent. But, I honor the first amendment. Just remember, it gives everyone the right to lie. It is our job to expose them and find the light of truth. It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.

These are just to get you started. Reading these books may blow your mind if you are not prepared for the incredible lie that you have been told. It is comparable to waking up in the Matrix movie and realizing you have been lied to all your life about almost everything. But, it will give you more control over your life and your health.

Haley, Daniel. “Politics In Healing”. Oroville, CA: Potomic Valley Press. A MUST READ. 10 INCREDIBLE AND TRUE STORIES of how alternative cures have been suppressed by a former politician and decent fellow, who knows of what he speaks. (available at )

T. Colin Campbell, PhD and Thomas M. Campbell II. THE CHINA STUDY Dallas, Texas, BenBella Books, Inc. 2006. Absolutely revolutionary as far as diet and health go. This book could change your life. It is scientific but easy to read. Do yourself a great favor and buy it today. Using this information alone could keep you from getting the diseases of civilization that allopathic medicine cannot cure!

Lynes, Barry. The Cancer Cure That Worked. (All about the Rife Frequency method and how it was repressed! May be one of the most effective and suppressed cures ever!) Canada: Marcus Books.