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Friday, December 09, 2016



So what happens when the antibiotics run out?  Even if you have a supply and they are not past the due date, even then eventually you will run out.  And in any kind of SHTF situation, you will run out whether it be a financial breakdown, a war, or any other kind of ongoing emergency.  Food may go first, but antibiotics and other medicines won’t be far behind. Sure, there is always the black market but are you really willing to pay the price?

From the terrific blog

Because the government must maintain direct control over everything we consume, the FDA is now set to ban access to over-the-counter antiobiotic medications. Such medications, classified as veterinary antibiotics, are often used by pet owners to treat bacterial infections in fish and livestock. For those preparing for a breakdown of emergency services in the event of widespread disaster where hospitals may be closed down and medical personnel unavailable, the banning of these drugs means that preppers can no longer purchase these medications over the counter and outside of view of prying surveillance state eyes.

Starting January 1, 2017, the equivalent of a veterinary prescription will be required for certain OTC antibiotics.

This was the alternative source for those who wanted antibiotics at a reasonable price etc.
My solution of choice is one of several alternative approaches. There are numerous alternatives to antibiotics among them herbs, homeopathic remedies, colloidal silver, oxygen and ozone medicine, and even electricity and magnetism correctly applied. These all take either a great deal of expertise or, they cost an arm and a leg or, they are not practical in most SHTF situations.

For example, to use medical grade ozone you must have a supply of pure oxygen which requires at the least a concentrator and a lot of power to run.  Likewise, pulse magnetic therapy is a proven killer of pathogens when correctly applied, but requires a lot of dependable current to drive the large magnets.  Plus, for the magnet to be effective it must be quite large and heavy which makes it impractical if you must be on the move.

And so, I prefer the small, portable device I have used for years that is based of Dr. Royal Rife’s work, popularly known as a rife machine.  They are not all the same by the way.  I believe mine is the best of the bunch because it is automatic and basically idiot proof. Most other machines I have looked at require a great deal of programming and knowledge of which frequencies to use for what disease. This is often guess work since most people in the field are not experts and do not understand the principles that made Rife’s original machine so effective, e.g. did Rife use a square wave or some other kind?

Bottom line is, the rife kills pathogens using ultrasonic vibrations ranging from 0 to several hundred million cycles per second.  It scans slowly upward and even if you do not know the right frequency  (MOR) for sure ( and many mutate constantly), you still get the little critters, i.e. using a machine gun approach as compared to a rifle approach.  (Not making medical claims because I am not a doctor, BUT, this rife machine is not impressed by antibiotic resistant organisms and will kill them just as fast.  The principle that it uses does not allow the pathogens, whether bacteria, viruses, parasites, rickesettas, etc. to develop an immunity as do chemical based pharmaceuticals, i.e. it is physics-based destroys them on a much more fundamental level.)

But the best part is that the machine uses very little energy, less than a light bulb.  I have used it with a deep cycle battery and an inverter. Which means, I can run this device with a very small amount of energy which can easily be produced with a small solar panel, batteries, a running car engine, etc.  It is very efficient since the amount of energy it produces at the contact point is far less than Rife used with his original machine and many, many times less than even a standard ultrasound scan used on pregnant moms!  

The circuitry is solid and about the only thing that can break or wear out is the little fan that cools it, which can easily be replaced.  One could easily have a few spares.  Like the Seals say, two is one and one is none.  So, it is always a good idea to have spares when it comes to your life, and in a SHTF situation, your health is your life.

Where can I get this rife machine you may be asking.  The guy who makes my machine does not manufacture these but makes them to order having to comply with Federal Law.  He is a physicist and inventor and was one of the first to take up Royal Rife’s work after it was lost for decades due to harassment from the FDA and other vested interests in the standard medical paradigm.  Oh, and it is not that expensive compared to any kind of mainstream medicine.

If you believe like me, that something wicked this way comes, then this is one tool you should have in your bag to protect the health of you and your loved ones.  You can read up more at this website.  There are many great articles that will educate you for free on many alternative solutions to what mainstream medicine calls incurable etc.  I wish I could tell you how effective this approach is with so many diseases, but I cannot and stay a free man.  I just know for myself and the many clients I have helped, that this machine, though not a cure all, is probably the best all round alternative medicine and prevention solution available to the people of Earth.

Shaman Jim