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Friday, October 13, 2006


More indications that chemotherapy is an atrocious if unnecessary assault on the body when what is really needed is more CAM (complimentary alternative medicine). Chemo is poison, and like most drugs, does more harm than good, although you won’t hear that on the evening news (mostly because the majority of ads on the evening news are for pharmaceuticals!).

“Another reason
among many to do all you can to avoid cancer: The damage chemotherapy can do on your body -- especially to your brain -- can last a decade, if not longer, after treatment.”

Chemotherapy's Long-Term Effects Can Last a Decade or More

Will the FDA every begin approving new, experimental therapies that really work in the same way they rocket big drug company candidates through the approval process? Ha, Ha.

“To say I'm very doubtful anything can really be done to reform the FDA -- even tearing it apart and starting over from scratch -- would be a gross understatement. Besides, the FDA, as it's currently constructed, is far too
addicted to the users fees it receives from the mega-drug cartel to make a clean break.”

Can Anything Be Done to Improve the FDA?

Well then, is there any hope at all? Maybe. But in the meantime, try looking for yourself like we did. Here is one good article that has some real substance on new, experimental treatments for cancer. Some of these apparently work on all kinds of other diseases as well. Not a good thing for big pharma, so again, you will probably never see any of these on the evening news, unless it is to disparage and ridicule them. Big business is, after all, big business.
But it is your health and your life. You have a right to know about these underground remedies even if they are suppressed by the major media etc.