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Friday, October 28, 2005


"Nothing is either good or bad but thinking makes it so."

Well......maybe. Shakespear was a good wordsmith but perhaps not all he could be in some areas. Some things are bad. They just look good compared to everything else at a particular place and time, e.g. Earthside, 2005. Vaccination is dangerous for many, many reasons. At least, we need to avail ourselves of viable alternatives while the pressure is off, so our heads are clear when they start screaming, "Bird Flu, innoculate or die!" or some other scare tactic. You be the judge. Here is a page with a lot of good information on how to stay healthy without poking needles in your arm. After all, like Mommy always said, "You don't know where that has been!"


Excellent new interview by John Rappoport

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Part 2 of Survival Tactics (
See Also Part 1)

This is a long article for a blog but we feel it is necessary to tell the story. First, we must indulge in a little back plot so it all makes sense. It is time that people become aware of the possible coming catastrophic earth changes so they can prepare. If these events, as predicted in the Third Secret of Fatima and other prophesies, do not transpire, then little harm is done. In fact, if the folks of the Gulf Coast had been apprised of this danger and prepared thus, they would be in a much better position now to “weather the storms” that they are enduring. It is also possible, though a bit of a stretch, to ascribe the current events in the Gulf as the beginning of these earth changes and thus, just a fore-taste of things to come all about the globe! We hope this is wrong of course.

Many good thinkers believe we are close to a cataclysm of earth changes that will destroy many cities and leave millions homeless and destitute. Not just seers and prophets who may or may not believe this is an angry god’s retribution for his creation deviating too far from his Law and Will (e.g. Sodom and Gomorrah, Babylon, etc.), but scientists who look at cold, hard facts and come up with dire predictions for earthquakes and tsunamis and maybe even inactive volcanoes erupting. Of course, there are the other types of disasters like possible epidemics, e.g. the Bird Flu.

What has this to do with “rife”? Good question and it deserves a good segue.

It is time to reveal the secrets of the ages that some of mankind might survive intact. Velikovsky in his great works, “Worlds In Collision” and “Earth In Upheaval”, in great detail, chronicled a cyclic event that is written in geology, scriptures, etc. from many and diverse peoples from all over the globe. This cyclic event has produced great and sudden earth changes that have all but wiped out man and even all vertebrate life on earth many times before!

This involves at the least a shift in the magnetic poles (which is not a stranger to current science) and at the most, a horrific physical shift in the actual crust of the earth due to some periodic but unknown force (Perhaps known to the ancients as Nibiru, Marduk, i.e. an unknown planetary body of great mass with an elliptic orbit that gives it a 3657 year elliptical rotation around the sun. Periodically, it may have come close enough to our planet to cause major upheavals.) Many think it is immanent and we concur that there are compelling reasons for believing such. To go into the reasoning would be to stray to far from our subject. If you are interested we will supply links at the end of this article. Though Velikovsky’s books are out of print, they are still available at Borders and other good book stores.

So now “rife”. If man is too survive and continue evolving, i.e. remain the dominant life form on this planet, then he requires a way to deal with major diseases and epidemics. Notwithstanding the very real threat of Bio Terror* and other pandemics, if the magnetic field of the earth goes null, and it is getting weaker, there is good evidence that our immune systems may be rendered substantially weak. If this is combined with any kind of upheaval in the earth, the onslaught of germs and pathogens unknown to our systems would quite certainly overwhelm our meager defenses. At this time there is no antibiotic for mutating super germs that are already gene sharing and building their immunity with other so-far benign pathogens. There is no potential antibiotic on the horizon. Alternative medicine is our only chance at this time and into the foreseeable future!

One of the most suppressed cures of all time was the discovery/invention by a certain Royal Rife back in the 1930’s, that every microbe has a resonant frequency, which if used at the right strength and duration can easily destroy that microbe. The principle of this device are accessible by anyone with high school math and a predilection for electronics. To build a simple device is rather easy and way-showers like Hulda Clarke have given instructions for such. Physicist Gary Wade has given elaborate instructions in his
Alberta 2 Lecture from his writings. A few companies actually build good devices but most appear to be lacking in a basic understanding of the physics involved. According to Gary Wade, the actual activity that enters the body is actually “ultra sound” similar to that used in medicine but different in many important ways. (Humans hear from about 16 beats or cycles per second to about 22,000 beats or cycles per second; this is called frequency. A piano tuner uses a tuning fork of 440 frequency to tune the middle A of a piano. Above this 22,000 cycles per second (cps) is what we call ultra sound.)

Royal Rife’s work covered frequencies up to 40,000,000 cps. He catalogued 52 diseases that he could kill using his frequency machine made from an X-ray tube, two of which were cancer. Not to go off on a tangent but it is worth reading about his clinical trials on cancer patients that were pronounced the walking dead by the doctors of the time. Rife brought them back to health!

We think the rife technology is ideal for the coming bad times. Like a samurai swordsman is ready for any kind of attack anywhere, anytime, we have to have an instrument that is practical and adaptable no matter what the situation. Even if all power is gone, a rife machine can be run on marine or golf cart batteries using an inverter. Even a car could be used as a generator although inefficient at best. All one needs is electricity.

There are many apparent means to generate these rife frequencies. Light has been used and also radio waves. But, after talking with plasma physicist Gary Wade and reading his articles, we understand now that all these modalities generate, upon hitting the dead skin layer, ultra sound in the body! It is so simple, e.g . Mechanical shaking rates! Like the opera singer that shatters the crystal goblet with just the right note, like the soldiers of ancient times who discovered you must break step when crossing a bridge or you get very wet, like the gun shot that brings down an avalanche on some unlucky ski town....all it takes is the right tone or chord!

We have seen this happen. We have used this on numerous maladies from the flu to infections of all types, viral and bacterial. We have seen it evict parasites and remove lyme disease. It is not a cure all. Many frequencies are either unknown or change with the pleo-morphic nature of most diseases like Hep C and Herpes, etc., i.e. some pathogens have spore states etc. But, it is found, that if these frequencies are applied long enough and consistently, then they will at least knock down these predatory diseases to the point where the body’s own immune system can handle them. Many times there is a complete remission or cure if the term may be used cautiously, since rife has been so suppressed nary a clinical study has been done to our knowledge since Rife’s time!!

Short of building one’s own version which can be done but takes some technical skills, see
Alberta Lecture 2, there are numerous models on the market. The trick is to ascertain which ones have any real therapeutic capacity. One good source of discussion and feedback is the We have done some research and want to highlight the papers and design of one particular scientist, physicist Gary Wade. You can find many of his papers from simple to complex at Gary Wade articles.

Basically, he has improved on the original concept quite significantly. As well as extending the range of Dr. Rife’s frequency machine from 40 mega hertz to some 80 megahertz effectively, he as invented a scanning procedure that makes it superfluous if one does not know the correct frequency(s). One of the greatest drawbacks to the rife approach has been the lack of sufficient certainty regarding the correct frequency of most diseases. Though there are many lists of frequencies published, they are not proven and one has a hard time as a non-techie in knowing if they are square wave, sine wave, etc. Then there are the new diseases and even the mutated diseases. How is one to keep up with this when there is no established criteria for rife research?

Gary Wade has solved this knotty problem by his scanning device, which by just “dumb luck” should hit the right frequency as it slowly scans from 0 to the high mega hertz in a standard treatment cycle. The idea is simple but amazingly effective; since the scanning goes up in sets of frequencies, the chances of hitting the right one is very good indeed. We don’t think the normal non physicist could ever build one like this. There are too many brilliant little electronic tricks that he has used to get the most out of earth technology circa 2000.

A word to the wise is sufficient. We hope you will read further on this and benefit from the incredible edge rife technology can give you in the coming hurricane of new infectious diseases.

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