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Sunday, March 24, 2013


We have discussed several alternative therapies that are extremely effective and relatively inexpensive compared to the standard allopathic establishment model.  Here, we will investigate a somewhat known and certainly clinically tested and used treatment known as magnetic therapy.  These quotes extracted from article referenced at end of article:

From Dr. David Williams ALTERNATIVES Newsletter March 2004:

I don't want to sound grandiose, but I feel this therapy may be one of the greatest discoveries in the history of medicine.

From Dr. Jonathan V. Wright NUTRITION AND HEALING Newsletter April 2004:

Case studies show that stroke, Parkinson's disease, cerebral palsy, congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetic neuropathy, chronic non-healing injuries, and other trauma can all be significantly improved with this breakthrough therapy.

There are two basic types of magnetic therapy now used for professional level treatment, static and pulse (we are not talking about the small magnets people attach to their bodies, although these have their purpose). We will be dealing the pulse type magnetic therapy in this essay. We have had experience with the static and it is very effective, albeit expensive and time consuming. For our purposes, we have found it to be rather cumbersome because of the size and weight and also a bit expensive because of the time it takes for treatment.  However, it is successful with many conditions that medical science cannot help and there are some significant differences in what the two types of magnetic therapies can treat most effectively. We may deal with this in another essay.

Pulse Magnetic Therapy has some definite advantages as we see it. It enables the actual magnet to be a lot less bulky, e.g. a static magnet in a clinic can weight several thousand pounds. This makes it impractical for portability or availability if the clinic is too distant.  Also, the pulser can be decidedly less expensive.  For our purposes we will look at the unit that is made by Gary Wade, since we found his rife device to be superior.  In like manner, we found his magnetic pulser to be superior and less expensive than competing models (we also borrowed liberally from the information on his site since it is well documented and very informative).  We could not secure a Papimi machine for comparison but the Papimi, when it was available was many times more expensive anyway.

Trying to describe the Magnetic Pulser in a short blog article is like trying to stuff a gallon of fine wine in a pint container.  We will give the gist and hope it inspires you to read further into the articles given below. There is a mountain of growing evidence that magnetic pulse therapy is effective in many conditions that medical science cannot touch. See:


Gary Wade originally designed and constructed a device which was for veterinarian usage, specifically for horses and other large mammals.  This was partially due to the fact that mainstream medicine had not yet accepted magnetic therapy as substantial scientifically speaking.  But, things have changed rather rapidly.  Dr. Oz and some other luminaries have been proclaiming the benefits and also, there is a large and growing body of clinical evidence that magnetic pulsing is very effective in many situations.

There are known benefits as with soft tissue injuries, and growing evidence for more esoteric benefits like the alleviation of depression, pain, etc.  In fact, the future of medicine, if it is allowed to progress without constant suppression and harassment by vested interests will, without doubt, include magnetic therapy as a major component.

Applying this particular magnetic pulser we personally have enjoyed the elimination of lower back pain, elimination of minor dental pain and many other benefits (do not take this as medical advice; one should always consult a qualified doctor for a valid diagnosis etc.). We have heard good reports from other people who have used this machine for various and sundry conditions. Because of its wide-band range of frequencies, we are certain it results in many unlisted benefits which can only be hinted at tangentially.  By looking at the articles referenced below, you will see that the healing effects are documented.

Any healer or practitioner worth their salt should look into this more thoroughly for the benefit of their clients and their practice.  If the price is a little high, it is little compared to most current medical equipment which is costly and mostly does not address the real cause of any disease.  Gary Wade's machine is quite inexpensive considering what it can accomplish without the use of surgery or drugs.  Our solution in a previous article,

was to time-share with other practitioners and thus reduce the cost per office.  At this time all these machines, if they are powerful enough to produce the desired benefits, make a certain level of popping noise that goes along with the pulsing. Gary Wade's new machine, the NG-Ultra,  actually has been re-engineered to be relatively quiet which fits the need of most doctor's and healer's offices.

One of the most interesting benefits of the this NG-Ultra Magnetic Pulser is its ability to locate some injuries and problems by eliciting a very low grade pain or discomfort when the coil moves over  the location.  Although this cannot replace a good diagnosis it can point out the locations for application, (the pulser appears to be able to find a lot of what it can fix) where more common diagnostic tools may fail to detect damage or infection etc. This is not always the case but is frequent enough to make it very useful in helping to diagnosis young children and also conditions that have not presented with pain that is above the conscious threshold of the patient.  This could be very useful and less expensive than MRI, x-ray, or exploratory surgery in some cases. That is just our opinion and not medical advice. Word to the wise.

We can only suggest looking into this since, as said, the subject is wide and deep and we can only point the way.  The evidence is undeniable even though the benefits must be spoken of carefully due to ever present pressure from the FDA, AMA, etc.



Sunday, March 03, 2013



2019 Update and Special Introduction

What can we say?  It has been several years now and we still find that Gary Wade’s rife frequency machine (RifeTech) is the best.  Of course, everyone claims their product is the best. But, in this case, it is science that has the last word, not mass marketing.

There are a few other rife machines that can deliver but all of them have some drawbacks.  Gary, being a plasma physicist and electronics wizard, designed these “bugs” out of his machine years ago.  Yes, there are a lot of fancy new digital models that claim to do the job, but do they really?  In this age of fake news and “new and improved” products one has to be suspect. When I walk into a super market now, I find it harder and harder to locate the good (really natural, unadulterated) products, i.e. the ones that still have some nutritional value and are not loaded with chemicals that make eating them like playing  Russian Roulette with a machine gun. Unless you live on a farm or grow your own food you know what I mean.

Everybody wants to jump on the band wagon and make a buck. But when it comes to your health and life, do not short change yourself and fall for cosmetic marketing tricks.  Do the work. Perform due diligence and study up a little.  Testimonials are ok but what do they prove?  Flashy exteriors are neat but can they really kill the pathogens? 

Also, two other important points are affordability and durability.  The Rifetech is built to last and hold up for years.  The price is about the same as it was years ago since Gary is obviously not trying to get rich or he would have raised the price with inflation. As it is, he builds these himself. It is not a manufactured unit but each one is built on order. That is why the Gary Wade machine is becoming very rare.

This review below is well worth reading since it is educational and just as valid as when I penned it. The truth does not go out of date.  This will give you a very good amount of factual knowledge to shop for the right rife machine for you and your problem if it does nothing else. Of course, I personally still standby my evaluation that if you can get it, the RifeTech is head and shoulders above all other devices at this time, and includes some very clever circuitry that cannot be copied unless the machine is built by hand.  If you go to Gary Wade’s site and read a few of his articles you will begin to understand why---he is a genius and he has re-invented the most suppressed and perhaps effective medical device on the planet.  They are written for both the layman and for those with a scientific bent with the math and physics if you prefer.   Gary only makes a few of these a year and I hope you are fortunate enough to be one of the lucky recipients.

FROM 2016:
We have mentioned Gary Wade’s version of the rife machine here several times before. That is because, after testing and evaluating over several years, we have come to the decision that it is the best there is. What are our reasons for this determination?  (You may also like to listen to the latest interview of Gary Wade by John Moore from March 4th:  the interview with Gary begins 22 min in:
Firstly, we will not bash any competitor as long as they are honestly presenting a valid product and not trying rip anyone off. Yes, there are those who only have a doctorate in flim flam, and there are those that steal other’s designs, or at least try.  We will leave them to the law of Karma.  Rather than put down other’s honest efforts, even if incomplete, we would rather point out the strengths of a particular machine we have in mind and hope that it would raise the bar so to speak, and help inspire a new generation of really effective  rife devices.  The world needs them.  They could help clean up hospitals and schools, drive pests from farms without any toxic effect.  Of course, the chemical companies won’t like it much. But let us get to the point.

Other than  personal experience we have had with the successful eradication of harmful microbes, ( we have to be careful not to make any claims of a cure, since the FDA frowns on any competition) we can offer some salient observations:

1.     Gary Wade, being plasma physicist by training, has a unique and insightful comprehension of Royal Rife’s invention.  In Rife’s time, the 1930’s, and with his optical training, there was little real understanding of what really made his machine work as such.  Royal rife was a brilliant and patient experimenter. He would spend hours at his microscope (of his own invention) observing how dialing a certain frequency would kill a particular microbe, i.e. the MOR or Mortal Oscillatory Rate.  but, he did not really understand how the process worked, only that it did. When Wade studied Rife’s papers, he was able to glean the actual process by which these wonders were produced.

2.   As can be found by researching the papers available, at one time USC and many prominent doctors were advocating for Rife and his incredible machine. He had cured more than 52 types of disease in clinical studies, two of which were cancer!  Unfortunately, pressure was brought to bear by the nascent FDA and vested interests of the time. When they could not buy the machine they suppressed it.  As told in Barry Lynes book, There is a Cure for Cancer, some doctors even disappeared if they did not tow the line.  This is some background to show that the rife machine became perhaps the most suppressed therapy of all times. Little R and D was done until just recently due to sustained worldwide suppression of this technology.  There are so many “rife machines” out there of all manner of construction due to the wild west approach of most manufactures.  Some may get good results hit and miss, but few are built by anyone fully understanding the principles of the original one and why it really worked.

3.     To our knowledge, there are too few machines that actually are effective over a broad range of conditions and this is due to several factors;

a.     Rife had to deal with something he observed under his own microscope and that was pleomorphism, that is the ability of these pathogens to actually change form thus shifting to a different MOR (mortal oscillatory frequency).  Many in the ozone medicine field have seen this phenomenon as the tendency of a microorganism to shift into a more harmful pathogen under the effects of an oxygen deficient terrain within the body. 

The effects of this lead to a conundrum.  As these micro-organisms change under various conditions, and adapt etc., the frequencies that were effective before now are rendered impotent.  Medical science does not recognize pleomorphism although they do acknowledge that some things like anthrax and polio have various spore-like states that make any one treatment at any one time, more or less ineffective.

So, most rife machines that target specific frequencies or other groups of frequencies can easily miss the MOR of that specific organism.  It may hit some at one stage of its shifting, but miss others. This gives only partial success and the condition can come back with a vengeance.

b.    There is also the problem of finding the actual MOR that kills a specific bug. This was no easy task even for Rife who was a brilliant and observant scientist. He would watch for hours and slowly dial through the frequencies until he could observe a definite destruction of the organism. But he had his magnificent microscope, far better than any today, because he could observe live creatures in real time. Through his genius optical skills he had invented a way to get around the Fraunhofer effect which makes it necessary for microscopes of today to only see dead things, due to the apparent limits of lenses. In any event, Rife found a way to overcome this limit and thus he could see the death of these pathogens and then notate the exact frequency!  Who can do this now?  Some pathogens are large enough to see but some the most deadly and harmful, e.g. the stealth viruses, are not observable circa mainstream science 2013.

There are lists of frequencies and some of them may be valid. But, again, they may have changed because the bugs evolved. And, there is the issue of what kind of waves we are talking about, i.e. sine waves, square waves, etc.  You see, Rife was using a certain type of wave with his device and concomitant frequencies, one that was somewhat dependent on the tech of his time. He had to use tubes as there were no transistors yet.  You can get some insight into this problem by reading Gary Wade’s article on square waves.  This one page article will give you some insight into why it matters and why it takes a physicist to understand how and why Rife’s machine worked, (and thus, how to replicate the effects).


If you have the patience a  little training this article will yield treasure.


So, how does Gary Wade’s machine solve these two basic problems?


1.     Pleomorphism--- If you turn on the RifeTech as it is called, you will hear what musicians call a glissando, a gradual slide of sound up. Very soon it becomes inaudible because it becomes ultrasound, e.g. most humans can hear between 16 beats and 16,000 or so per second.  The ultrasound is where the business end of the spectrum is.  For it is the ultrasound that was the key to Rife’s success in that when his electro- magnetic frequencies hit the dead skin layer of the body, the sound waves were the simple yet effective cause of the MOR that killed the bad cells while leaving the healthy cells alone.  An analogy would be how ozone kills pathogens yet leaves healthy cells alone. But this is going too far afield for this discussion.  Suffice it to say, that as the frequencies slide up from 0 to many millions of vibrations per second, multitudes of pathogens are dying as if hit with a high volume machine gun.  Instead of using a rifle like most machines do, Gary invented a way to run slowly or SCAN slowly through an almost infinite number of frequencies, and thus removing the need to even know which frequency is working or not.  This is genius; and it is extremely difficult to do properly. Not only are the targeted bugs killed but many others as well.  A typical treatment session will last about 45 minutes and can be used as a preventative measure as well.

2.     But there is no #2 because we have solved the other problem as well.  We don’t need to discover the correct frequency. Or keep changing it to keep up with the quick evolution. Of the germs etc. we can sweep through many frequencies, covering the gamut of all that is known and even unknown, and observe the result. And we have. We have noted tremendous effect with even one treatment.  Before we get to that, let us first explain a phenomenon loosely known as the Herxheimer reaction.

Herxheimer is a German term and is used loosely to describe some of the kill off effects associated with various therapies.  Without a long dissertation, let us just say it is the effect sometimes that makes people feel worse or tired or any of a number of symptoms that sometimes mimic the original condition.  This is explained by the body having to rid itself of the refuse from a vast kill off of the pathogen and the attendant toxins that must be evacuated by the eliminative organs.  In a way, this is a very positive thing since it confirms the fact that the disease is being killed off. On the other hand, if people are not aware of this, they can become disillusioned or even frightened and discontinue the treatment that is working. The Herx as we call it first was invented to describe that very effect that was experienced when patients first took penicillin for Syphilis.  We had an acquaintance who was being treated with ozone therapy in a Mexican clinic for a very advanced cancer. Unfortunately, when he experienced the apparent worsening of the condition (Herxheimer) he quit the therapy. No amount of persuading could move him and unfortunately he passed away soon thereafter. This is why it is key to understand these principles because resolve must be strong for anyone who resists the current fear animated medical paradigm.

It has been our own personal experience that there has never been any noticeable Herx. However, we noted that some with conditions like Lyme disease would find themselves very tired after a treatment. This went away in a few hours with water and rest.  When Rife used his machine on two of the cancers of the time (1930's), he would only use it every other day to give his patients a chance to clear out the toxins and kill off elements.

So, now we have a little preparation, we can see that the proper protocols in applying these alternative therapies is of paramount importance.  Yet, having said this, using the RifeTech is as close to being idiot proof as one can get for many reasons.  Just one is that the frequencies that are effective MOR’s are passed through rather quickly and so, in any one treatment, the possibility of overdoing it is reduced substantially.  With other machines, we are concerned that a patient may stay with a certain frequency too long and thus overload their system with kill-off materials.  After all, the liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, colon, etc. are working hard enough already fighting the disease.  There is no good in further overloading them with too much waste for them to handle effectively.  This of course can be precluded by going to a professional therapist who is adept at dealing with these therapies and their effects.

This could go on forever but we are trying to give some basis for reviewing or understanding the advantages of one machine over another.  We hope we have pointed out a few of the salient factors and encouraged your further research into this incredible subject.  When mankind reaches the state of caring more for each other than for personal greed and ambition, therapies like rife will be a mainstay for all healers.  Right now, symptom suppression is mainstream and curing a condition is not encouraged, e.g. cure a patient, lose a customer.  But, in the meantime brave inventors like Gary Wade and others, some of whom have been jailed or destroyed in other ways, have given us a real chance to defeat disease altogether.  We should honor their contribution by at least investigating with an open, honest mind. Then we shall begin knowing the truth that sets men free, at least health wise.

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