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Sunday, March 24, 2013


We have discussed several alternative therapies that are extremely effective and relatively inexpensive compared to the standard allopathic establishment model.  Here, we will investigate a somewhat known and certainly clinically tested and used treatment known as magnetic therapy.  These quotes extracted from article referenced at end of article:

From Dr. David Williams ALTERNATIVES Newsletter March 2004:

I don't want to sound grandiose, but I feel this therapy may be one of the greatest discoveries in the history of medicine.

From Dr. Jonathan V. Wright NUTRITION AND HEALING Newsletter April 2004:

Case studies show that stroke, Parkinson's disease, cerebral palsy, congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetic neuropathy, chronic non-healing injuries, and other trauma can all be significantly improved with this breakthrough therapy.

There are two basic types of magnetic therapy now used for professional level treatment, static and pulse (we are not talking about the small magnets people attach to their bodies, although these have their purpose). We will be dealing the pulse type magnetic therapy in this essay. We have had experience with the static and it is very effective, albeit expensive and time consuming. For our purposes, we have found it to be rather cumbersome because of the size and weight and also a bit expensive because of the time it takes for treatment.  However, it is successful with many conditions that medical science cannot help and there are some significant differences in what the two types of magnetic therapies can treat most effectively. We may deal with this in another essay.

Pulse Magnetic Therapy has some definite advantages as we see it. It enables the actual magnet to be a lot less bulky, e.g. a static magnet in a clinic can weight several thousand pounds. This makes it impractical for portability or availability if the clinic is too distant.  Also, the pulser can be decidedly less expensive.  For our purposes we will look at the unit that is made by Gary Wade, since we found his rife device to be superior.  In like manner, we found his magnetic pulser to be superior and less expensive than competing models (we also borrowed liberally from the information on his site since it is well documented and very informative).  We could not secure a Papimi machine for comparison but the Papimi, when it was available was many times more expensive anyway.

Trying to describe the Magnetic Pulser in a short blog article is like trying to stuff a gallon of fine wine in a pint container.  We will give the gist and hope it inspires you to read further into the articles given below. There is a mountain of growing evidence that magnetic pulse therapy is effective in many conditions that medical science cannot touch. See:


Gary Wade originally designed and constructed a device which was for veterinarian usage, specifically for horses and other large mammals.  This was partially due to the fact that mainstream medicine had not yet accepted magnetic therapy as substantial scientifically speaking.  But, things have changed rather rapidly.  Dr. Oz and some other luminaries have been proclaiming the benefits and also, there is a large and growing body of clinical evidence that magnetic pulsing is very effective in many situations.

There are known benefits as with soft tissue injuries, and growing evidence for more esoteric benefits like the alleviation of depression, pain, etc.  In fact, the future of medicine, if it is allowed to progress without constant suppression and harassment by vested interests will, without doubt, include magnetic therapy as a major component.

Applying this particular magnetic pulser we personally have enjoyed the elimination of lower back pain, elimination of minor dental pain and many other benefits (do not take this as medical advice; one should always consult a qualified doctor for a valid diagnosis etc.). We have heard good reports from other people who have used this machine for various and sundry conditions. Because of its wide-band range of frequencies, we are certain it results in many unlisted benefits which can only be hinted at tangentially.  By looking at the articles referenced below, you will see that the healing effects are documented.

Any healer or practitioner worth their salt should look into this more thoroughly for the benefit of their clients and their practice.  If the price is a little high, it is little compared to most current medical equipment which is costly and mostly does not address the real cause of any disease.  Gary Wade's machine is quite inexpensive considering what it can accomplish without the use of surgery or drugs.  Our solution in a previous article,

was to time-share with other practitioners and thus reduce the cost per office.  At this time all these machines, if they are powerful enough to produce the desired benefits, make a certain level of popping noise that goes along with the pulsing. Gary Wade's new machine, the NG-Ultra,  actually has been re-engineered to be relatively quiet which fits the need of most doctor's and healer's offices.

One of the most interesting benefits of the this NG-Ultra Magnetic Pulser is its ability to locate some injuries and problems by eliciting a very low grade pain or discomfort when the coil moves over  the location.  Although this cannot replace a good diagnosis it can point out the locations for application, (the pulser appears to be able to find a lot of what it can fix) where more common diagnostic tools may fail to detect damage or infection etc. This is not always the case but is frequent enough to make it very useful in helping to diagnosis young children and also conditions that have not presented with pain that is above the conscious threshold of the patient.  This could be very useful and less expensive than MRI, x-ray, or exploratory surgery in some cases. That is just our opinion and not medical advice. Word to the wise.

We can only suggest looking into this since, as said, the subject is wide and deep and we can only point the way.  The evidence is undeniable even though the benefits must be spoken of carefully due to ever present pressure from the FDA, AMA, etc.