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Thursday, May 26, 2005



The best way would be to never go into a hospital. This, though eminently desirable, is a little unpractical for most. There are times when it is mandatory, e.g. When we require surgery for a broken bone, when we are unconscious and we cannot put up a fight. Then, what do you do?

If it were us, we would immediately get a friend or relative to bring us a good negative ion generator, one that creates ozone preferably. We hear these promoted on the radio all the time so we do not have to give you a specific name like Living Air or something. Hmmm. There are various types depending on whether you want to clean the air, the water, or use it for some other application that we cannot recommend because it would be giving medical advice; and so we cannot. But....

“In the first such epidemiological study, researchers found that the infection rate fell to zero during the year long trial. "We were absolutely astounded to find such clear cut results," engineer Clive Begg at the University of Leeds, UK, told
New Scientist.”

If the doctor or nurses in the hospital object, show them the articles linked below and tell them the Pentagon used ion generators to clean up the horrible smoke and flesh smell after 911. This is a matter of record. These ions are very mild compared to some generators that are used in industry for killing mold, purifying water, etc.

There is a lot of good info you can read on ion and ozone generators.
Ozone is much more effective but also harder to get, since the FDA has declared war on ozone therapy in the USA even though over 3000 doctors in Germany and 15,000 world wide use it every day! Still think they work for you?

Repeated airborne infections of the bacteria acinetobacter in an intensive care ward have been eliminated by the installation of a negative air ioniser.
Air ionisers wipe out hospital infections

Sharp air conditioning technology can inactivate viruses including influenza, and potentially deadly bacteria, the company claims. The "plasmacluster ion air purification" system generates positive and negative ions, which react with microparticles, including microbes, Sharp says.
"Our survey has indicated that this is the first time an electronics manufacturer has scientifically proved a certain technology was effective in inactivating viruses and bacteria," says a Sharp spokesman. The study will be presented in detail at a conference later in 2002.
Ionising air conditioners 'zap flu'

For all kinds of information and good articles etc. on oxygen and ozone therapies go to:

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