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Monday, March 21, 2005

Children's Cancer and Pesticides

This is nothing new. It is just news to most of us because we are told about this by the media. Barry Commoner and Rachel Carson wrote about it some fifty years ago. We are poisoning ourselves with an exotic assortment of manmade, unnatural chemicals that should never come near a human body let alone a child's. Children develop cancer much faster than adults. They have fewer defenses. We lament the kidnapping a murder of a child because it is vivid and dramatic. The causative chain of events between household and industrial pesticides is more subtle, takes a long time to prove, and so does not engage our emotions as much. It should. Cancer is now becoming the second cause of death in young children!!! Wake up America. It happened to the Romans. Are we destined for the same end?

If you have children, you must read this article. Become aware of how you can inadvertantly introduce pesticides into your home and your kid's system. You can go a long way toward protecting them from this unnecessary evil by just taking some precautions when you use these deadly chemicals.