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Saturday, February 05, 2005


Is it the drugs or is it us? Well, we are responsible in the final analysis whether we want to be or not. Others may take advantage, but it is we who continue to roll out the red carpet of mental and emotional dependency. Can we blaime big pharma and the allopathic medical edifice for wanting to eat and grow? We all want to live. It is our choice.

As Dr. Mercola says, "Just say not to drugs." Here are two more "legal" drugs to watch out for. Some drugs are useful if used correctly; but the problem remains that we, as a people, are not using them correctly. Read this article and let it be the start of something big; our freedom from being hooked on any kind of drugs!

A sample:

All drugs carry the risk of side effects. Whether they're prescribed by a doctor or bought over the counter does not make a difference in this risk. That is why my best advice to you is to avoid using drugs whenever possible. Instead, it is best to solve the root problem, and studies have proven that time and time again. You can use the search engine on this site to find simple inexpensive practical and non-toxic solutions for your health challenges.

Take Pepcid for example. This heartburn medication is just one of a popular group of acid-suppressives that can often cause more problems than they solve: A recent study found that
taking these drugs could increase your risk of pneumonia, for instance. MOre at: