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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

CODEX Update

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"CODEX wants to limit your antioxidant protection
What is important here is that upcoming CODEX meetings intend to establish worldwide upper limits on supplemental vitamins and minerals. The Codex Alimentarius Commission is a world body created in 1963 World Health Organization to develop food standards and ensure fair trade practices." []

Codex wants to limit everything they can but especially vitamins, minerals, etc. in fact, any substance that is natural, easily attained and not profitable to the international drug cartels etc.
Like garlic, which the drug companies consider an "orphan drug" i.e. effective but not controllable, vitamic C and other naturals that can keep people well and are therapeutic in large doses, are extreemly threatening to their bottom line. Do some research and get ready to fight for your rights to have access to supplements of any kind. The Codex plan is, like they are already doing in Europe, control everything and make it all by "prescription". Once again, Big Brother wants to protect you from yourself. For some good information see: