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Thursday, July 22, 2004


Soy has gained quite a good reputation due to mega-buck marketing to consumers.  I am a vegetarian and for years I blissfully ate soy and soy products.  Now, I regret this.  The real story about soy is quite a bit different. 
There are numerous scientific studies showing how harmful soy can be especially to mothers and babies.  The fermented form of soy is not bad, e.g. tempeh, miso, etc.  It will behoove you to check out Dr. Mercola's articles and the many sources he gives for information on this subject. Soy and its extracts are becoming ubiquitous in our food and drink, and yet the dangers to our health from eating it are profound!  Now, according to this article, we may be barraged with more marketing hype and BS in this area.  More and more it is consumer be----very, very ---ware!