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Saturday, July 17, 2004

West Nile Virus Information

Well, kids, its that time of year again when the big chemical companies need to boost their bottom line a little. And, lo and behold, as if my magic there is provided a potential epidemic in the form of West Nile. Here is a great opportunity to spray and spray to their heart's content. What is in that nasty pesticide they are planning to spray everywhere? Don't worry, be happy.
What is really going on? Is this such a threat that we require trucks driving down our streets in the middle of the night or helicopters overhead to kill a few little mosquitos? Is there no better way? Well, yes there is. Try checking out some of the alternatives. Arm yourself with knowledge.  Before you spray your kids with Deet think it over a little.
Deet is bad and here is why:
What is the alternative?
Are pesticides the cure or the cause?