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Saturday, June 26, 2004

West Nile Virus and Pesticides

Before your community allows spraying or "fogging" in your area because of West Nile (or anything else for that matter) you better read this information! Compared to a few rare cases of this disease, spraying with these poisons is like playing Russian Roulette with a machine gun! Would you hand your baby a machine gun?

West Nile Virus And The
Scourge Of Pesticides
By Brenda Livingston

One thing is for sure--cancer, brain and neurological damage, behavioral and reproductive problems will result in a significant cross section of the population if we allow the continued and unwarranted use of pesticides in agriculture, our homes, our schools and most significantly that being sprayed in the air throughout our communities. Research now shows that even those pesticides with less toxic effects (such as Pyrethroids) will have devastating effects upon children and adults.

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Spraying for mosquitoes is a major problem across the country. Pyrethrum insecticides, a type of insecticide being used to combat the virus, have been shown to cause birth defects in animal studies (Abstract). They may also interfere with the immune and endocrine systems and toxicology testing has shown other adverse chronic effects, including effects on the liver and thyroid.

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This is serious stuff. Stay awake and don’t let them do this! There are other ways of dealing with WNV and other infections etc. Check out: