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Saturday, July 10, 2004


Okay, what the hec is it anyway? You may have heard the term but are not really up on what it is. There are so many sites, all of them proclaiming Valhalla, that it can be confusing. There are some good and some bad and most just plain commercial. If I try to define it here I will be doing the entire field a disservice. I do not want to trivialize a therapy that can save lives. The question you want to keep asking, as you peruse this site is, "Why doesn't the FDA approve this ozone therapy once and for all and let Americans have what Germans, Russians and even Cubans now have access to?"

I reviewed This is an excellent site, (at least I found it very enlightening), to get you acquainted with the subject. It ranges from simple to somewhat difficult as far as the papers and essays go, but it has all you need from various experts to become dangerously knowleageble in the field, (maybe more so than your doctor even). See what you think.