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Saturday, October 16, 2004


From this date, in approximately 11 monthes, we may lose our vitamin and supplement freedom because the American people are alseep at the wheel once again. From an article on by Jonathen V. Wright, M.D. --

"The supplements that will be available will be restricted to multi-vitamins containing no more than 100 percent of the established RDA amounts, which are usually useless, trivial quantities -- and they'll be far more expensive than what we have now.

This directive, for all intents and purposes, makes it illegal for people to keep themselves healthy by supplementing with essential nutrients. Plus, the directive only allows supplements to be made from a list of 15 minerals and 13 vitamins. That leaves out at least 40 minerals important to the human metabolism and forbids the use of the most bio-available forms of vitamin complexes. In essence, it means that all nutritional supplements will be virtually the same. The specific combinations might vary, but the types and amounts of nutrients will be identical, no matter what product they're formulated into."

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