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Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Calling all Coaches, Atheletes and Trainers!

As you know, sports Injuries can cost an athelete and their team a lot in wasted time and money, espccially if it is a key player. Here is a solution we found and tested, that expedites recovery without the many risks and discomforts of surgery and drugs! Yes, you heard us right. This is one of three segments we are devoting to sports medicine alternatives that are superior to surgery and drugs.
"Many times, fast healing can be obstructed by opportunistic, localized infections that are either resistant or hard to access with conventional drugs and therapies. Several alternative therapies offer immense benefits that could put one group or team way ahead of the others when it comes to accelerated healing of injuries."

"It is becoming common knowledge that the oxygen levels in any big city are pathetically low while the smog levels are dangerously high. Just as most people are dehydrated, many times in local body areas, so, most people are starved for oxygen and their cells are hungry for it all the time. Otto Warburg won the nobel prize in the 1930’s for proving that cancer cells cannot live in oxygen! He won two nobel prizes in fact. Many diseases blossom when the body is starved for oxygen. This is due to the fact that most disease pathogens that assail man are anaerobic, that is they cannot live in oxygen. They have another mode of living that permists them to survive and thrive in any biological terrain that is deficient in oxygen! It would seem elementary logic then to conclude that suppling more oxygen to the body would only help the cells. This has been demonstrated for over 100 years and the scientific evidence for it is overwhelming."

This short article should lead you into a wonderful new therapeutic approach for any sports injuries that is free from the many side effects of orthodox medicine. We have personally tried and tested the approach outlined and also the equipment referred to with more than complete satisfaction. Please see article at: