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Sunday, November 07, 2004


Still ticking....tick...tick...tick...

"WASHINGTON (Reuters Health) - Five years after a major report describing an epidemic of medical errors in the U.S. health care system shocked patients, policy makers and physicians, little substantial progress has been made to make medical care safer, experts said Thursday." SEE:

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Hospital Infections In The USA

Hard to believe but;

"In the last 20 years, hospital infections have increased nearly 40 percent in the USA. Nearly 100,000 people die from these infections every year, which is more than those who die from breast cancer, prostate cancer and skin cancer, combined." See article at:

This is unnecessary: See
"Vibratory Energy Medicine" for some ideas.

US Medical System In Trouble

The top three causes of Unnecessary Deaths in the United States are related to our health care system...

This is from Tim Bolen's Newsletter. If you don't get it you should. It is free. Like the old song says, "The best things in life are free". (Sorry the info does not transfer well, but then it is too important to pan just for that detail!) Go Tim!

Request letter at: BolenReport.comThe number one cause of unnecessary death in the United States, called Iatrogenic deaths (783,986) is shown in the table below, re-printed by permission of the authors:

Condition Deaths Cost Author Hospital ADR 106,000 $12 billion Lazarou1 Suh49 Medical error 98,000 $2 billion IOM6 Bedsores 115,000 $55 billion Xakellis7 Barczak8 Infection 88,000 $5 billion Weinstein9 MMWR10 Malnutrition 108,800 -------- Nurses Coalition11 Outpatient ADR 199,000 $77 billion Starfield12 Weingart112 Unnecessary Procedures 37,136 $122 billion HCUP3,13 Surgery-Related 32,000 $9 billion AHRQ85 TOTAL783,936 $282 billion

The number two cause of unnecessary death in the United States is Heart Disease. Statistics show "The 2001 heart disease annual death rate is 699,697."

The number three cause of unnecessary death in the United States is Cancer. Statistics show "the annual cancer death rate, 553,251."

The total number of known unnecessary deaths, per year, directly due to the American Medical System is 2,036,884.

The government regulatory systems "we the people" put into place to make sure this didn't happen have been compromised...

Does anybody, for a minute, believe that the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is working for "we the people?" Don't be absurd. The FDA is managed, completely, by "Big Pharma." Doubt that? Then you aren't watching the drug pricing scam, where prescriptions drugs are marketed in the United States from 2 to 20 times their cost in other countries - and the FDA, literally, is with guns-drawn, raiding companies attempting to import those SAME prescriptions from Canada, Mexico, etc.

Does anybody, for a minute, believe that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is working for "we the people?" Don't be absurd. The FTC is manipulated, completely, by "Big Pharma." Doubt that? Then why has the FTC manufactured a different standard for "health claims" for supplements, herbals, electro-medicine devices, etc - those things that compete with drugs in the health market? And, how is it that the covert FTC "Operation Cure-All" exists at all? Congress never authorized the FTC to run covert operations - only the CIA, and other "intelligence" groups can do that. So, how is it that "Operation Cure-All," which I believe is actually run out of a New York ad agency, and has no offices, phone number s, directors, employees, accountability, etc., is allowed to use the FTC name?.......(more)

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