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Tuesday, October 26, 2004


I would like to address all the wonderful sheep out there ------(ofcourse I don't mean you) that have been conditioned to believe in your world view whole heartedly, i.e. brainwashed. As my old pappy used to say, "Son, I love you but you're full of _____".
Why, what do you mean? How can you be so insulting and rude? Because I want you to wake up. I saw a famous actor on TV tonight with a case of________. He was talking about "new cures" and how we need to give more money so they can someday save us all. Lies, lies and more lies! I love this guy but he is full of ____. Why? Because there are hundreds of cures right now. In fact, aids, cancer and other so-called incurable diseases are being cured in some other parts of the world.
I have not time nor inclination to go into why this is happening or to offer proof in this short blurb. It is extant if you will read a little. I wish someone would tell these otherwise sincere actors and hollywood spokesfolks that they are being duped and that the answer is very near. Some artists and atheletes I know of use these therapies but they keep their mouth shut because they know their life would not be worth a plug nickle if they ever blabbed it on the airwaves.
But the worst problem is that people have been conditioned to have implicit faith in their authority figures. Doctors in white coats are very impressive, from Young Doctor Malone on the radio 60 years ago, to Marcus Welby, to ER today. We trust them. And they are mostly good, noble folks. However, they are being lied to and mislead by the gigantic pharmaceutical companies, and other entrenched vested interests, etc. Over the years, medicine has largely become a one-sided affair of drug, surgery, radiation and other "invasive and destructive" oriented approaches; and we have come to accept this---blindly!
Open your eyes! Read some books like "Politics In Healing" by Daniel Haley and the "Cancer Cure That Worked" by Barry Lynes. Put some real facts into that trillion dollar computer between your ears and see what happens. You have been lied to by people who repeat what they read and hear. Who said it first? The ones who profit by you staying ill (by this I mean they do not ever want you to be cured--they would lose a customer; they want to MANAGE YOUR SYMPTOMS for the rest of your life! There ought to be a law against GREED! Oh, wait! There is. but these _______don't believe in God or hell or they would not do what they do!). These are the ones who win when you are sick. Don't say they could never allow this to happen. When their kids get sick you can bet they use these alternative super therapies when they can. They go to Germany or Cuba or wherever they can find them if they are in the know.
I am going to list the sites of some alternative therapies and treatments for you to investigate. Don't ask your doctor; he is probably part of the problem. He may come along later if he is still into healing and not just money. Do you own work. Own the information. Think for yourself and throw off the group-think that is slowly killing the sheeple. If you saw the Matrix or THX1138 by Lucas when he was young, you can rely on the fact that these are not just Science Fiction. They are metaphors for what is going on right now! Lewis Carroll did it in his works like Alice Through the Looking Glass. He used fantasy to disguise his political treatise much as George Orwell did in Animal Farm, albeit this was never meant to be disguised.
We are a country being exterminated much as the Romans were centuries ago. Although, we have much more going against us than just lead pipes and utensils that drove them mad. We have 1 out of 4 of us dying of cancer when cancer was cured almost 75 years ago. Aids is being "cured" in Germany by ozone therapy as we speak. The flu? Don't get me started.
Do some research and you will find that the FDA and the AMA, who you thought were your champions, are for the most part, really working for the forces of darkness and evil. Learn about Codex's stealth attack (This Blog 10/16) before they take our vitamin and supplement rights away completely next year (UN). Find out that there are ways to heal yourself and protect your family before it is too late. Once they hook your fear they own you. You can be easily led to the slaughter (chemo, surgery, radiation, drugs) like a simple sheep. I have watched otherwise proud and intelligent people destroyed by the medical establishment telling them to go home and die. And they obeyed. Fight back. Use your mind. Question. Think outside the allopathic, orthodox medical box. There are some scams so be careful. But, there are also real diamonds out there. The Truth is out there. And, always remember, the doctor is supposed to be working for you. He is no better than you and sometimes even more pig headed because he thinks he knows! M.D. me doctor; or minor diety.

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