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Monday, October 25, 2004

Dr. John Martin Exonerated

To Whom It May Concern;

It has come to our attention that a certain Dr. W. John Martin M.D., PhD, a highly qualified and dedicated researcher and Medical Doctor in good standing has been misrepresented. Our duty is to bring you true health information. One of the things that must be dealt with is the constant flood of misinformation and even disinformation that the establishment promulgates in order to feed their own coffers and maintain their iron grip on the health of the people. In other words, spin exists in the world of scientific research and medicine just like in politics.

Dr. Martin has tried to persuade the Federal Government to respond to his scientific reports of stealth-adapted viruses that fail to activate the cellular immune system. He indicated that these viruses were likely to be contaminating the National blood supply. Rather than supporting his research, the Government chose to suspend licensure of Dr. Martin's clinical testing laboratory. A certain organization that apparently believes it can obtain recognition and financial support from slander has waged a low key war against the good doctor by presenting disinformation on the internet which is false and denigrating. What this says about the organization itself we will let you decide. However, suffice it to say that Dr. W. John Martin is, among all his many other degrees and accomplishments, an MD in good standing with the state of California. Look it up and/or go to MEDICAL BOARD OF CALIFORNIA PAGE.

Most importantly though, do not let this effort deflect you from the essential truth here; that Dr. Martin is attempting to make people and other researchers aware of the fact that we are suffering from an invisible epidemic that is doubly dangerous, 1) because it affects so many and 2) because it masquerades as other conditions and so is either being undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Restricting doctor ordered testing for stealth viruses is simply delaying an accounting for where these viruses originated and how infected patients can best be treated. There is great resistance to these truths seeing the light of day. Ask yourself why they would go to such extremes to shut down a clinical testing facility that is just trying to demonstrate the truth. We have a real problem in this country (USA) when it comes to the freedom of Medicine. Many new healing methods have been suppressed by vested interests in the last 100 years. We are a sick and dying people. If we do not take our freedom back soon and force the powers that be to act with honor and respect for the common man, we shall perish just as surely as the citizens of ancient Rome died of self-poisoning. Ask who has the most to gain financially from suppressing any new clues and cures for the golden cash cows of major diseases. Also, one of the results of exposure might be an avalanche of law suits greater than that precipitated by the tobacco and cigarette company fiasco. In any war, even economic, truth is one of the first casualties.

Anyway, now you know. To read the incredible article from that scares the establishment so much see:

The rationale for vaccines and potential inadvertent consequences including autism, AIDS and other epidemics