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Saturday, October 23, 2004


Flu Crimes At The CDC

This is an excerpt from a short article on Dr. Mercola's site. You should read it and then go to the referenced site
"Vaccine Alternatives" to get some real info on how to protect you and your family wholistically and without dangerous drugs with questionable contaminants.

"Vaccines, like mega-billion drugs, actually do little to protect you from the flu. Most people have been lead to believe -- by the pharmaceutical powers that dominate conventional medicine and really like your money -- that viruses like the flu bug are the problem, but they aren't.

"The real problem: Most people have weakened and impaired immune systems that are unable to function as they're designed to because of horrendous dietary habits (the same culprit behind the obesity epidemic in this country).

"Dr. Mark Sircus wrote an excellent piece for his association that he agreed to share with us about the history behind the flu vaccine and the method behind the madness of our government's push to strike fear in the hearts of its citizens. This exposes provides more motivation to further
my personal mission to topple the existing health care paradigm." Full article at: