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Saturday, July 16, 2005


A Good System Gone Bad

"For years, the MBP has had Binyamin C. Rothstein, D.O., on probation for the crime of practicing alternative and complementary medicine. Without a single patient complaint, his treatment methods were deemed inappropriate by peer review."

This is one of the reasons your doctor cannot or will not tell you about certain alternative therapies even if he or she knows about them. Read this and weep. The peer review boards, the medical journals, etc., are all infested with greed and lack any moral compass. We have to all get together and clean out these vermin. They exist at every level of society and their stupidity, greed, and evil shortsightedness is bringing our great country down. If we do not regain our sense of goodness and purpose, we will go the way of every other republic; like Rome, we will decay and implode from within.

This is not the first or the last case where evil is using its political punch to cover up the light. Stay tuned for more insight and solutions where conventional medical science claims there are none.