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Monday, June 27, 2005


If case you are one of the few left that still believes what the government says about anything without first plugging in your portable "crap detector", then please disregard this and go read George Orwell's "Animal Farm".

If you at least question what you are told, then chew on this. The FDA states unequivically that "ozone" is a toxic gas and has no proven medical benefit. They must have missed the last 50 years in Germany and the last 15 years in Russia and the last... you get the idea. There are thousands of scientific papers and studies of successful applications of ozone in medicine---just not here in the USA.

From what we have seen, ozone and other oxygen therapies although not as strong as ozone, e.g. hyperbaric oxygen, hydrogen peroxide drip, etc., would put the big pharmaceutical companies out of business if they were adopted by allopthic western medicine. That may be why they are either disdained or ignored by conventional medical schools. Money! While people are dying of aids and cancer here, they are being treated very successfully in other parts of the world. How do they keep it a secret? Makes you wonder, eh?

For an interesting list of what physicians in more advanced countries are using ozone for see: