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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Papimi Machine For Sale

Papimi Machine For Sale --- SORRY IT IS SOLD. (For an effective but alternative approach to pulsed magnetic therapy we suggest this article:

Ever heard of a Pap Imi machine. Well, it is otherwise known as an Ion Magnetic Induction Therapy Device invented by PROFESSOR PANOS PAPPAS to help treat, heal, whatever, certain conditions that medical science found “unhealable”. Naturally, there is great resistance to the proliferation of this device in the territory that big Pharma wants as their exclusive hunting ground. So many nice juicy, ripe bodies to get hooked on the endless treadmill of allopathic medicine. No cures, just symptom control.

Pap imi gets some terrific results. Mostly it has been used on horses in this country USA) because it is so restricted by the FDA, (the ugly step child of the big drug cartels). That Pap-imi gets excellent results in the equine arena is a good testimonial, since horses are not normally subject to the “placebo effect” or the power of suggestion. They just hurt and they just get better. Period. Easy to see and check results!

Some brave doctors do use this on humans to treat various conditions, but it is best kept on the QT until the US Government comes to its senses and recalls that it is supposed to serve the people of the US not the boards of the drug cartel corporations.

So, here is a Pap Imi device that was bought new less than two years ago by a doctor of our acquaintance, used for very few hours and still runs like new. We understand you cannot buy them new right now and, even if you could, the cost would be close to 60 Grand! Ouch!

This is half the price. Anyway, we pass this on to you as a phenomenal value if you are interested. Check it out at: