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Friday, March 28, 2008


You may have already known this but;

"Many of the chemotherapies used to fight cancer in modern medicine were developed from natural substances. For instance:
Taxanes used to treat prostate and breast cancer came from yew trees.
Vinca alkaloids, which are used to treat malignant lymphomas, are made from periwinkle plants.
The anti-cancer drugs topotecan and irinotecan come from a component of the Chinese Happy Tree.

And, much, much more. But, what if you already have it like most people do in some preliminary state, undected as of yet? Well then you have a quandary. Do you go under the knife, the ray gun or the chemo needle? Or, do you take the alternative way with all the confusing claims and over the top psuedo science beckoning like so many tempting sirens? Are there any really effective therapies other than the latter herbs, just in case we do not know a shaman in South America? Is there something for the common person, living in a city who wants to use the most scientifically sophisticated methods available on the planet, and not just what the vested drug and surgery based, money oriented system tenderly recommends?

We would like to suggest what we will do if we, or anyone we know comes down with cancer or lyme or any one of a thousand other microbial based diseases. We will run toward two of the most powerful therapies on the planet or off. One is ozone therapy which has been used in Germany and other countries for years by doctors who are not as heavily controlled and regulated as in the US. The other is rife therapy which is hated almost universally by every government in the world dominated by the allopathic drug industry, i.e. everywhere on earth.
Both of these are available if you look, since the US is still basically a free country, although many would argue otherwise.

You cannot go wrong by going and reading up on these subjects even if you are at present hale and hearty. Things may change suddenly with the introduction of some pandemic flu. Both ozone and rife frequencies, when employed judiciously, kill every pathogen and microbe inimical to man and beast, from parasites to viruses and everything in between. This is a matter of fact and there are volumes of scientific evidence that is true for ozone, although rife has not been researched near as much due to constant political suppression and lack of funds. But the evidence is coming out now even regarding rife as the new laser studies that kill virues demonstrate. Go, read, and be made whole. What is coming will not be met with any resistance from the present medical system. It is even now tumbling under its own weight. There is only one drug left to fight anti biotic resistance superbugs, vancomycin, and nothing on the horizon. Do you feel lucky? Well, do you?

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