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Thursday, December 13, 2007


"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A new and virulent strain of adenovirus, which frequently causes the common cold, has spread in parts of the United States, killing 10 people and putting dozens into hospitals, U.S. health officials said on Thursday.

"......Two of the 10 people who have died from the new strain were infants, Su said. The CDC report said about 140 people have been sickened by the virus and more than 50 hospitalized, including 24 admitted to intensive care units."

You may see this repeated more and more these days, "new strain..." It is time for the authorities to open up their medical arsenal to include the alternative therapies that have been shown to work over the years and stop pandering to their greedy masters, the purveyors of the status quo.

What we have done in the past to protect ourselves from epidemics is not working now and maybe never has! A new short article by physicist Gary Wade points out the dangers inherent in vaccinations and their history of ineffectiveness.

"More than 1 million doses of a commonly used vaccine for infants have been recalled because of contamination at the plant where the shots are made, federal health officials said Wednesday."
By Anita Manning, USA TODAYDecember 12, 2007 4:27:48 AM PST

What they do not say is that contamination is not unusual, but the rule. As these "new strains" and anti-biotic resistant staph infections are on the increase, we need to look now for solutions before it is too late. We should take a lesson from history, when in the 1890's some 10,000 physicians were using some form of electro medicine, and open the door to experimentation wide before it is too late. See Politics In Healing by Daniel Haley

Just as we are faced with impending doom if we do not find adequate alternative energy, just so we need to usher in alternative medicine. The system as it stands does not work well and is crumbling from its own economical burden.

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