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Saturday, March 08, 2008


“They” are talking again about deploying more nuclear reactors as a solution to oil and coal and their attendant problems.

We say, go back and watch China Syndrome and Silkwood. Get a clue. The biggest problem the nuclear industry has is storage of nuclear waste material and it has NOT BEEN SOLVED. Whatever disinformation you are being fed, it is all lies and propaganda. We have not seen one effective and safe way of storing this very dangerous nuclear waste material so far. (They use France as an example. Do we really know what is going on with the ecology over there? We don’t even know what is really going on here!)

Granted, fusion, if it is ever made practical, will eliminate most of this problem. Then, we only have to worry about explosions, terrorism, melt down, etc. Good grief!. Is everyone mad? Many moons ago, Nicola Tesla came up with a brilliant way to use solar power to power everything with almost free energy. The problem? “They” would lose control and thus the billions of dollars that are sucked from mankind for necessary energies.

Free energy is a fact but one that will no doubt never be introduced to the common man. There are many very effective and efficient ways to generate free energy. It would free mankind from dependency on the state. We cannot have that can we. But, the yoke of nuclear power is far more cumbersome and vile than any from oil or coal. Dirty lungs and empty wallets are not near as bad as DNA damage and cancer. If it comes to a vote please use your head and vote no for nukes. So far, though, it appears “they” are just going ahead with their plans to build more reactors. Challenge the propaganda. Maybe if we are lucky, someone will produce another movie like Chine Syndrome to motivate us off our fat, TV butts. Here’s to glowing in the dark. (See last link for some real practical protective steps you can take for you and your family.)

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