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Thursday, November 10, 2005


Food Warning--genetically engineered soy etc.

Soy, what is it good for...? (To the tune of “War, what is it good for” etc.?)

Are we knocking soy? Isn’t that un-American. Has not soy taken the place of mom and apple pie as the health-fooder’s dream. It is in everything now from tofu ice cream to baby’s formula.

Those of us who are vegetarians may get up in arms at anyone who dares to challenge the wholesomeness of soy and its isolates. But, beware of the immense marketing campaign that has gone into convincing you that soy is good for you.

Would it rock your world if we were to say that soy is down right dangerous? Here are a list of papers that document how really bad it is especially for babies!!!

But that is not the worst news. In a new paper it is shown that GM soy or genetically modified soy may be even worse. WE JUST DO NOT KNOW YET.
Can you say “experimental mice”?


Most Offspring Died When Mother Rats Ate Genetically Engineered Soy

“But the real shock came when the rats started dying. Within three weeks, 25 of the 45 (55.6%) rats from the GM soy group died compared to only 3 of 33 (9%) from the non-GM soy group and 3 of 44 (6.8%) from the non-soy controls.”
You should read this and share it with people you care about. They are already running too many experiments on us already, e.g. water fluoridation, vaccinations, most drugs, most food additives, etc. etc. etc. Better yet, tell your market you will not buy anything that is GM or has GM derivatives, whatever it is. In fact, threat to shop only at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s etc. and make sure they walk the straight and narrow. But soy specifically is already a problem for so many other reasons, we should begin with it. See articles above.
NOTE: We want to point out that Dr. Mercola for one, being dead set against soy, is however okay with fermented soy products such as miso and tempeh. We will go him one further and say, eat only organic tofu, tempeh etc. that you are totally sure is not genetically modified or engineered, (It is referred to as both GM and GE food.)